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Before the Julian calendar, Romans used a lunar calendar that led to dates that moved around across different seasons. The New Year wasn't fixed. So how did we ...

Poveglia Island lies in the Venice Lagoon off the eastern coast of Italy. Locals are afraid and say it's an "island of ghosts," cursed with dark spirits.

Many cultures around the world have been creating elongated skulls for thousands of years, but the exact reasons why are still a mystery.

American crime lore has made the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh, Jr., the most infamous of kidnappings for ransom in history. But it was not the first. The ...

Paula Jean Welden vanished into nowhere on December 1, 1946, in Bennington Vermont. This is a mystery that would haunt the sleepy town forever.

Most people believe Bram Stoker based Dracula's castle on Bran Castle in Transylvania, but there is evidence that it may have been Slains Castle instead.

Prester John was a legendary man who ruled over lands filled with riches and exotic animals. Could he have been a real person? If so, where was he from?

Stonehenge is the story of the enduring mysteries of very ancient monuments built by very ancient people. What exactly is the purpose of this place?

Mysterious stone structures once used for astronomical and burial purposes still stand near Inverness, Scotland. These are the Clava Cairns.

During the purported attack on Lady Florence Dixie, her St Bernard saved her from two assailants dressed in womens clothing.

William Paterson dreamt to establish a Scottish colony and international trade post at Darien, Panama. Did the Darien scheme cause Scotland's lost freedom?

The Celtic goddess Brigid changed into St. Brigid of Kildare in 450 AD, but she never lost her goddess qualities. How did the ancient deity survive so long?

Witch prickers drove long needles into accused witches in public in search of the devil's mark hoping to convict someone of being a witch.

They called her "Lady of the Swamp." Margaret Clement lived around the swamps and one day she vanished. Murder was suspected, but where was her body?

What is the real history of Dracula? Where did Bram Stoker get his inspiration for his vampire? It seems Vlad the Impaler made only a small contribution.

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