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Don Decker – The Rain Man

Was Don Decker possessed by the spirit of his abusive father?

Was Don Decker’s deceased Grandfather the source of this poltergeist activity?

The story of Don Decker, who became known to the world as the Rain Man, is arguably one of the most well-documented paranormal events in recent history. Its credibility is based on the accounts of many witnesses who were law enforcement professionals.

This bizarre story began on February 24th, 1983 in Stroudsburg, PA, after Don Decker’s grandfather, James Kishaugh, passed away. While others mourned, Don Decker was finally feeling a sense of peace for the very first time. What the others didn’t know, was that James Kishaugh had physically abused Don since he was a young child.

Don Decker was in jail at the time of Kishaugh’s death, but was granted furlough to attend the funeral and spend a few days with the family. Don’s sense of peace would not last for long.

At the conclusion of James Kishaugh’s funeral, Don Decker was invited to stay the night with Bob and Jeannie Keiffer, who were friends of the family and quite fond of Don. It was later that evening when Don began to sense something was not right.  A deep chill began to grip him and Don quickly fell into a trance-like state.  The Keiffers, perplexed at what was occurring, suddenly noticed water dripping from the living room ceiling and walls.  The Keifers called Ron Van Why, their landlord, and the only one who could possibly understand what was going on with the water pipes. When Ron arrived, he too had no answers.  Ron knew there were no water pipes in the area where the leaks were occurring.  In fact, the leaks became worse and started coming up through the floors as well as the ceiling and walls.

Unsure of what to do, Ron called his wife and explained the situation at the Keiffer residence. He then called the police. It was Patrolman Richard Wolbert who was the first to arrive at the scene. It only took a few minutes for Patrolman Wolbert to become drenched in water after entering the home. Patrolman Wolbert described what he saw the night he entered the Keiffer residence:

We were standing just inside the front door and met this droplet of water traveling horizontally. It passed between us and just traveled out into the next room.

Police Officer John Baujan

Police Officer John Baujan

Officer John Baujan, who joined Patrolman Wolbert, also witnessed the events at the Keiffer residence. He stated:

I literally had a chill going up my spine, made the hair stand up on your neck. That’s how I felt. This was a situation where things were happening that I never, ever dreamed could possibly happen. And there was no way of explaining what was going on.

As the officers tried to make sense of what was happening they noticed Don, who still appeared to be in a trance. The officers asked the Keiffers to take Don out of the home and sit him down at the pizzeria located a short distance from the residence. As soon as the Keiffers and Don left, the house returned to normal. This correlation did not go unnoticed, and Ron found himself wondering if one of the Keiffers or Don was responsible for this incident.

Pam Scrofano, who owned the pizzeria, saw Don enter the restaurant in that zombie-like state. Moments after the Keiffers and Don sat down, they noticed the same thing began to occur at the pizzeria. Water began to fall on their heads and spread across the floor. Pam immediately suspected Don was possessed. She ran to her register and pulled out her crucifix and placed it on Don’s skin. Don reacted immediately and it was apparent that the crucifix had burned his flesh.

At this point, it was no longer possible to stay at the pizzeria. Bob and Jeannie Keiffer decided to take Don back to their home. As soon as they left the pizzeria, the rain stopped falling.

At the Keiffer’s residence, landlord Ron Van Why and his wife Romayne met the Keiffers and Don as they returned home. The rain returned as soon as Don entered the residence. But this time pots and pans could also be heard rattling in the kitchen. Ron and Romayne had had enough and confronted Don. They believed he was playing some kind of practical joke – one that was damaging their property.

Then things took a dramatic and violent turn.  Don felt himself levitate off the ground and was forcibly pushed against the wall by some unseen force.  Not long after, officers Baujan and Wolbert returned to the Keiffer home with their Police Chief.  Unable to identify any foul play, the Chief told the officers it was a plumbing issue and that there was no need to investigate the matter any further. Perhaps due to curiosity, the police officers ignored the Police Chief, and three of them returned the following day to see how things were going.  They included Bill Davies and Lt. John Rundle.

When the three officers arrived at the home they were pleased to note that things appeared to have settled down.  Then, Bill Davies conducted his own experiment and placed a gold cross in Don Decker’s hands.  Davies recalled Don stating it was burning him, so Davies took the cross back.  Davies described the cross as “it’s not hot-hot, but it’s hot…”  The police officers then saw Don levitate once again and fly against an interior wall.

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    Just think what a rain man could do for drought stricken areas. Instead of playing haunted house, they should have tried harder to figure out how this happened. There is nothing supernatural because if it exists, then it’s merely natural.