Gil Perez and His Spontaneous Teleportation

The Plaza Mayor in Mexico City

The Plaza Mayor in Mexico City

Gil Perez was a 16th century soldier and guard. He was a member of the Filipino Guardia Civil and worked as a guard at the palace of the Governor General in Manila, Philippines. His life was rather typical of a soldier in that place and time. He did his duty to his government and did his job regardless of any circumstances that arose during his guard duty — even spontaneous teleportation to another country.

Teleportation is a common theme in literature, movies and anything science fiction. The crew of the Starship Enterprise had it down to a science. The mad scientist in The Fly botched it terribly and Stephen King had it stealing the sanity of children in his short story “The Jaunt.” There is no denying that teleportation has an appeal in fiction because it strips away the location limitations of characters and it is open to interpretation; all manner of horrors can occur as a result because we simply do not know what side effects teleportation may have.

There is also an interest in real life teleportation because it would obviously be quite convenient. The real life applications could be life saving and bring people closer together. However, it could also change the face of modern warfare and make it very difficult to track criminals.  That is all assuming teleportation is something we could control. What if there was no control? What if some people could teleport spontaneously without any knowledge they are about teleport? That is what reportedly happened in the case of Gil Perez.

On October 24, 1593, Gil Perez was doing his guard duties at the Governor’s palace in Manila. Chinese pirates had assassinated the governor — Gomez Perez Dasmarinas — the night before, but the guards still guarded the palace and awaited the appointment of a new governor. Tired, Gil Perez decided to lean against a wall and rest for a moment. When he opened his eyes, he was in a completely unfamiliar place. Unsure how to react, he continued to do his guard duties until he was approached by someone who started asking him questions and telling him that he was somewhere that it was impossible for him to be. Gil was in Mexico City’s Plaza Mayor.

When questioned, Gil Perez gave the story of his supposed teleportation and the death of his country’s governor. The assassination was unknown to those in Mexico City, but Gil Perez was reportedly wearing the uniform of the palace guards in Manila. He was placed in jail because it was thought he might be a deserter and/or a servant of the devil. After two months, a ship arrived from the Philippines, bringing news of the governor’s death. They said that they knew Gil Perez, though they did not know he was in Mexico City. The last time they had seen him was on October 23 at the palace.

The authorities in Mexico City decided to release Gil Perez and send him home. As there is no other account of Gil materializing anywhere, it is assumed that he never spontaneously teleported again. It was lucky for him that, if the story is true, he did not wind up in a country where Spanish was not spoken or worse, in a harsh terrain like the ocean, desert or arctic tundra. Some sources say that the story was not told until 100 years after it reportedly occurred. Other sources say that authorities documented the occurrence immediately. Without details like this, it is hard to say if the story is any more suspicious than its science fiction premise already suggests.

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  • jonjon

    watch the movie MY BIG HERO 6 people create a portal …. your destination outer space

  • jonjon

    portal is also true

  • jonjon

    teleportation is true

  • Tayvl

    I’m guessing nobody knows the provenance of this story. (Which pretty much guarantees that it’s a myth.)

  • Enrico De Leon

    May secret passage sa wall ng intramuros, Pag nasandalan mo yun at may similar wave length ang body mo maabsorb k ng energy and might be thrown out somewhere in the space and time. Might be intramuros is a time machine.

  • Bobo Nase

    well that is really possible, there are strange things happening all over, the world, My house is on the hill, so everyday at around the same time, there is a strange object which flies and lands on the hill where the rocks rises steeply up, so some old people say that thing has been flying and landing since time immemorable, so some say it is a snake

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    the author of this article is hot

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    did u notice the author of this article is hot?

  • Josephine Harkay

    Something that allegedly happened 500 years ago is very hard to prove one way or another. However, there are mysteries, such as reports of bilocation, or temporarily going back in history, which experiences seem very real to those participating in it, but how can they prove it? How can we disprove it?

  • DigitalHIV

    The last thing any goverment wants is for people to be able to teleport. So if there was any proof it happened it would be hidden and they would be killed or locked up. The last thing I have to say is don’t you think if that really did happen in the 16th century they would have killed him for being a wizard or whatever they would call him back then

    • Josephine Harkay

      Not the government, the airline industry! 😉

  • lintikatsikwaka..

    nasobrahan lang sa lambanog yun c LoLo gil…

    • U.N. Owen

      But, Maria Negron says it’s been on the internet since mid/late 1690’s…

      Also, do you think that, perhaps 100 year old records WERE recorded 100 years ago?

    • U.N. Owen

      Perhaps you MISSED the ENTIRE story.

      It BEGINS something like this;

      ‘Gil Perez was a SPANISH soldier…’

      So, I’m just taking a WILD guess, and going out on a limb, here, and I could possibly be wrong, but, I think – just from that LITTLE bit, it’s almost positive, he might just have been Spanish

    • DigitalHIV

      If he ended up in Mexico it wasn’t a wormhole it was a toilet

      • U.N. Owen

        And a VERY dirty one at that.

    • lintikatsikwaka..

      well lets drink some time…

    • Marzuq Ahmed

      Well according to all record against the internet and the fact it wasnt reported 100 years after the events – it happened

      • U.N. Owen


        Barely literate Maria Negron said …something about the internet (I COULD possibly be misreading her beautifully worded poetry, but, it seems like she said something like ‘it’ (this ‘Gil Perez’ event) happened, but, it wasn’t reported on the internet ’til 100 years later…’ which means it showed up online somewhere in the mid/late 1600’s.

        Hey; if she was teleported from NC to Florida (after telling god she’s ‘tired’), who’s to argue with her? If she says it was on the internet AFTER 1650, then it was.

        I am so happy a person who speaks English as beautifully and clearly as Maria Negron is here to verify and elucidate.

    • lintikatsikwaka..

      guardia sibil was founded in mid 1800’s…

      • U.N. Owen

        She’s a barely literate (most likely ILLEGAL) idiot.

        SURE, she’s teleported all over – ‘god, I need to go pick out this weeks numbers, can you get me to the bodega, and, would you mind picking them for me, please?’

        ‘Bam’ – ‘Maria Negron WINS state lottery – says ‘god picked out her numbers – and afterwards, they split a beer.’

    • U.N. Owen

      How about you take a simple class; basic English.

      The word is ‘mysteries’ – there’s NO such word as ‘misteries.

      In addition, my speed-check just alerted me to the fact I’ve got a misspelt word (guess which one?). This point being; ‘in this day and age (not ‘day age’) of COMPUTERS, people who have problems SPELLING – EVEN SIMPLE WORDS SHOULD be helped TREMENDOUSLY – if they JUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE ALERTS.