How Old is the Sphinx?

The head of the Sphinx emerging from the sand

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most recognizable man-made objects in the world. Despite this, it is also one of the most mysterious man-made objects in the world. Even if you accept the general consensus of who built the Sphinx, when and why, you are still left with many questions that have not been, or cannot be, answered. However, not everyone accepts the general consensus and therefore, the Sphinx is even more of enigma to them. One of the mysteries of the Sphinx that has possibly been answered, but the answer is often disputed, is the age of the Sphinx.

If you deny the general consensus of the age of the Sphinx, you are left with the question of who built it. However, for the purposes of this article, we will ignore that question, as it is still disputed within the realm of general consensus. In other words, even if you do accept that the Sphinx was built when most Egyptologists say it was, there is still the question of in which pharaoh’s reign it was built. That question may be answered as well, but it doesn’t answer who built it. We have the tomb of the pyramid builders. We have no such evidence of who built the Sphinx.

According to translations of the “Dream Stela” at the foot of the Sphinx, King Thutmose IV came across the head of the Sphinx when he was still a prince. The rest of the statue was buried in sand. He took shelter from the sun in the shadow of the great head. While there, he drifted off to sleep and dreamed that the Sphinx wanted him to dig out the rest of the statue in exchange for making him king. When he awoke, the prince remembered the dream and the deal was completed on both sides. Now, if we are to believe that at least the part of the story where Thutmose IV unearths the Sphinx is correct, than we know the Sphinx dates back much farther than his reign, which began around 1400 BC.

According to Egypt’s premiere archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the Great Sphinx of Giza was built during the Old Kingdom in Egypt (2649-2150 BC). There is quite a bit of evidence to support this, but the most obvious is the style of the statue. The features of the face, the headdress and the shape of the head are reminiscent of the 4th Dynasty (2613-2494 BC). Theories that go against Hawass’ findings put carving of the Sphinx thousands of years before the 4th Dynasty. That begs the question, why would artistic style have remained the same in Egypt for so many thousands of years? Of course, it begs many other questions as well. Dr. Hawass has said that none of these theories (regarding an earlier date) “has any basis in fact.”

One of the prevailing arguments for the Great Sphinx being older than the Old Kingdom is that some of the erosion on the Sphinx appears to have been caused by water. Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University studied the erosion and says that it appears to have been made by heavy rainfall. He claims that the sort of rainfall that has occurred in the Giza Plateau since 5000 BC would not have been enough to cause this sort of damage. Much heavier rains occurred before 5000 BC, making a date around or before then more feasible to him and others. He has also found that similar erosion does not exist in other monuments in the area dating from the Old Kingdom.

Dr. Scoch has hinted that wet sand could have caused the erosion on the pyramid. We do know that the Sphinx has been buried for the better part of its existence. In fact, it was only unearthed again in 1936. This being the third time that we are aware of, including Thutmose’s tale. However, we have no way of knowing if it was buried in wet sand. Even if we did, we still have the fact that others have credited blowing sand with the Sphinx’s erosion.

If you accept that the Great Sphinx of Giza was carved during the Old Kingdom, you still have to wonder exactly when during the Old Kingdom it was carved. Some experts believe that it was built during the reign of Khufu (2589-2566 BC), the man for whom the Great Pyramid was built. Others believe that it was built during Khafre’s reign (around 2500 BC). Khafre is the man for whom the second largest of the Great Pyramids was built. The difference is only that of a few hundred years.

It is impossible to use most modern scientific methods to date the Great Sphinx accurately. Because it is carved out of stone, carbon dating is out of the question. The only methods available to us are those of observation and deduction. Who could have possibly carved the Great Sphinx before 5000 BC? Why would it appear to be an Old Kingdom structure thousands of years after it was built? Observation and deduction tell us that no one could have carved the Great Sphinx that long ago and the idea that the style of art would have remained the same in Giza for all that time is absurd. However, concrete evidence cannot be applied to the Sphinx, as there is none. There is no record of it being carved and there is no way of dating it conclusively. At this point, aliens could have built it before 5000 BC and then taught the sculptors of the 4th Dynasty their style. We would be none the wiser.

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    Possibly you might find this link interesting, in connection with your article.
    He has an odd way about him, but it’s mainly the images that he included in his article that convince me that he may have a valid point, concerning Anubis. I’m an artist, and the overall dimensions, balance, appears correct to me..

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    K. Margiani, please use the forum for further discussions on this subject. The Comments section is specifically used for short blurbs only. It is not meant for debates.

  • Shelly Barclay

    What I would like to read is more proof of your work. All I am seeing is links to more of your work. There seems to be no scientific or historic evidence to support your claims. You are saying that one of the foremost, if not the foremost, Egyptologists in the world is incorrect, but you seem to be coming to that conclusion without half of the knowledge of Ancient Egypt that Dr. Hawass possesses. Also, I would ask that you refrain from spamming the comments with more of you articles. If you want to have a healthy debate, please do so within the comments.

  • K. Margiani

    Hello, Shelly Barclay.
    Elite of the Egypt before the deluge in 10,465 was left-handed race of the LORD Baal’s country and Atlantis later on. Atlantis became interplanetary empire before the deluge. For millenniums the aborigines (Egyptians) remained primitive, naive people but the inter-race “contacts” produced lots of assimilated generation. For millenniums the Egyptians became the assimilated generation of the left-handed race, like the Romans, the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, etc…
    In the work the deluge in 10,465 B.C.; Aquarius’ deluge (≈22,440B.C.) and other ones have the natural scientific (Geological) explanations.
    I’ve decoded the Biblical code as well. In reality Bible describes on survival event of the two much more developed tribes after the Aquarius’ deluge. These tribes had Haplogroup (X) – subgroups; X1 (ADAM) and X2(NOAH). I want to recommend reading much more attentively my investigations.
    Best wishes, K.M.

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    It is difficult for me to say, “Oh, that makes sense.” When you are making assertions with no explanation of the “proofs” that led you to have these far out beliefs. I do not agree with you, because global deluges are far too biblical and god wrought for my taste and there is no proof that any of what you say is true. There is nothing to indicate that the Egyptians were Atlantean, except for the fact that they originated the Atlantis myth, according to Plato.

  • K. Margiani

    All well-known pyramids of Egypt: “Khufu’s”, “Khafre’s”, “Menkaure’s”, Djoser’s, Meidum, bent and red pyramids are sacred to Atlantis people, to revere souls of the Atlantis people. Additionally the Giza complex exactly indicates the astronomical date of the deluge (22±1 October 10,465B.C.). Thus the Giza complex had been sacred to global deluge in 10,465B.C. as well. Symbolical graves in the pyramids have been sacred to victims, to their souls. The treasures, things and tools in the closed rooms of the pyramids are the heavenly gifts for the souls.
    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
    Founder new field of science Cosmogeology

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    Thank you, Great Sphinx of Giza. I think we covered most of that. It is not just said there is a stela, though. There most certainly is a stela.

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    Wow, Cosmogeology guy. I mean, really, wow! I have no idea how to respond to that. You have made a lot of assertions, but I see no science, no math, to back it up. You just keep saying “that means” and “it means” without saying why. I’ll stick to science. Pseudo-science gives me the willies.

  • Great Sphinx Of Giza

    The figure of the Great Sphinx had been buried for most of its life. No one had known of its existence, given the fact that it had been built way earlier, and there had been no written records of it. There is said to be a stela that is located between the frontal paws of the figure, which has been placed there on the orders and the commissioning of King Thutmose.

  • K. Margiani

    The Sphinx and three pyramids are markers of time of new αώ (alpha-omega) cycle that will be finished after few centuries in 2,400 ± 50. This is a message sent by ancient civilization to us about finished old αώ (alpha-omega) cycle. Ancient anniversary Zep-Tepi had been sacred to new αώ (alpha-omega) cycle and was the proof about the beginning of the new αώ (alpha-omega) epoch.
    We have a greatest epoch of the prohibited History. Lots of artifacts of the pre-flood history are forbidden by false “fathers” of the mainstreams. 30,000 Atlantian or Olmecian artifacts found by Scottish Mineralogist and Archeologist William Niven are hidden in the museums of New York and Mexico. Lots of so called “researches” are written for the money, not for the Truth. They could rise lots of money for the falsification of the our real history. “Fathers” of the falsifications led by Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr . Mark Lehner have the ostrich position against the modern discoveries made by many investigators. These video clips in the link are taken from the interesting investigations and closely connected to the much more sensational discovery that the Atlantis City. If you know Geology can understand everything!
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    The Giza project began by survived Atlantians after 10,465 B.C. and finished approximately in 10,400 B.C. Of course the project had been sacred to last global deluge. Thus minimal age of the Sphinx and three pyramids is that – 10.400+2010=12.410 years. It has no alternative. Whole Elite of the modern Geology want to say to egyptologist that the Sphinx has the much older age but the egyptologists have the ostrich position ??????

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    Thus future of the modern geology is that Gradualism + catastrophic plate tectonics [periodical global deluges all over the earth]. It means that every 7,000-13,000 years runaway subduction and drifting of the continents for few days over the 1000-1500km.
    Best wishes,
    K. Margiani
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