Exorcisms and Death of Anneliese Michel

Anneliese, healthy and young vs. Anneliese close to death

Anneliese Michel was born in Germany on September 21, 1952. She grew up in a devoutly, somewhat extreme, Catholic family. Pictures of her taken in her childhood show a vibrant, pretty girl on her way to becoming a gorgeous woman. She had shining black hair, an open, honest face and a stunning smile. By the time she was 23-years-old, she was emaciated, heavily bruised, scarred and deranged. She was supposedly taken over by demons and fought for nearly eight years before finally losing her battle with evil. Later, her death was labeled negligent homicide, but was there anything anyone could have done for Anneliese Michel? Were those who were with Anneliese really fighting Satan?

Four years before Anneliese was born, her mother, Anna Michel gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. This was a source of shame for the Catholic family. After she married and gave birth to Anneliese, she apparently harbored feelings of guilt about her first daughter. Unfortunately, Anneliese’s older sister died at the age of eight, but Anneliese reportedly felt like she needed to repent for her mother’s sin. She supposedly spent much of her time doing penance for her mother, sinful youth and bad priests.

Anneliese’s supposed symptoms of possession began in 1968. Anneliese was a 16-year-old high school student. The symptoms were convulsions and they were eventually diagnosed as epilepsy by a neurologist. Anneliese Michel took medicine for her condition and continued her life to the best of her ability. She finished high school and went on to college, where she studied to become a teacher. Apparently, the medicine was not helping her much. Her problems only got worse.

Over time, Anneliese Michel complained of seeing disturbing visions while saying her prayers. Later, evil voices giving her commands followed. Finally, Anneliese began showing an aversion to religious iconography. An older woman, a friend of the Michel family, noticed this while on a pilgrimage with Anneliese. She said that Anneliese smelled “hellishly bad” and took her to see some priests. Many of them said Anneliese needed a doctor. However, one eventually said Anneliese needed an exorcism and an exorcism was eventually granted.

In 1975, Anneliese Michel and her parents stopped seeking medical advice and gave over Anneliese’s fate to the Roman exorcism ritual. Anneliese, the priests and her parents truly believed she was possessed. Anneliese Michel herself said that Judas, Nero, Hitler, Cain, Lucifer and others were inside of her. Over the next ten months, Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt performed 67 exorcisms for the tormented girl. It is important to note that every action taken during these rituals was condoned by Anneliese.

Sometimes, the seriously ill Anneliese would perform hundreds of genuflections during these rituals. It is rumored that her parents held her up for them when she got too weak to do it herself. It is not hard to imagine this being necessary, given that Anneliese stopped eating altogether for some time before she died. She believed it would lessen the evil’s control over her. There are claims that Anneliese spoke several different languages (or the demons and evil souls that possessed her did) during the exorcisms. The author of this article cannot verify such claims, as she does not speak the languages Anneliese supposedly spoke in the tapes.

It is certain that medicine was not saving Anneliese Michel from whatever tormented her, but there is no questioning that things got worse for her when she gave herself over to exorcism. She allegedly urinated and defecated on the floor frequently, also licking up her own urine. She ate insects, growled at religious icons and sat under her kitchen table barking for two days. Surely, her family was afraid of her, but a medical professional probably would not have left her under the table for two days or let her starve to death, which is eventually what she did.

Anneliese Michel died of dehydration and malnutrition on July 1, 1976. The 23-year-old woman weighed 68 pounds at the time of her death. Josef Michel (her father), Anna Michel and the two exorcists were eventually charged with negligent homicide. During the trial, evidence of the possession worked both for and against the defense. Forty-two of the exorcisms were audio-recorded and there were various pictures of a seriously ill-looking, bruised and sore-covered Anneliese. Anneliese is horrifying in these tapes which works for the defense that she was possessed, but is certainly not conclusive. If nothing else, the tapes made it clear that Anneliese was seriously ill and no one was making her eat. It is certain that possessed or not, Anneliese should have been cared for better.

There is no way to prove or disprove supernatural occurrences, such as exorcisms. That makes it difficult to know what really happened to Ms. Michel. However, it is possible to prove that there is some evidence that epileptics are at an increased risk of displaying symptoms of schizophrenia and it is has been posited that Michel suffered from dissociative personality disorder and schizophrenia. That, combined with her religious background, could easily account for the events leading to her death, but one can never be certain, of course.

Warning: The video accompanying this article is very disturbing

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  • Grace

    I’m a rather brave person, usually. I watch some tv shows that might scare some. (American Horror Story is a no go, however) but this audio….this audio….I got 1 minute and 2 seconds in and I almost started crying, my heart clenched, and my breathing stopped momentarily. This is horrific and I want to see how much farther I can go, but I don’t know if I should. Whatever this is, is it disturbing, terrifying, and downright horrible…

  • karma

    She would make a great rock star.

  • B. Richards

    Pretty whacked, man. She sounds like Nina Hagen on her earliest albums! Love it. Too bad this young lady lost her life over this. It sounds more like screwed up religious BS than anything. Some people can get so taken over by their extreme religious beliefs or the religious beliefs that have been shoved down their throats day after day after day from childhood to adulthood. What a horrible way to live life. What a waste of life. To be so consumed with the idea that you are somehow to blame for all the terrible atrocities that have happened here on Earth that you finally go insane or crazy. It’s like the fire and brimstone preachers of the 18th and 19th centuries and even way before, they would get so fired up they would actually die of Apoplexy or a Heart Attack. Glad I wasn’t born into a very religious family! I think Organized Religion is an abhomination, personally. It’s the cause of most of Humanity’s problems. That ought to be fairly ( meaning extremely ) obvious!

  • ICtheLight

    What does “religion” have to do with this? It is about possession. The “writer” of this piece has inserted her own opinion, (not very journalistic–implying that her mother’s “illegitimate” child, “extreme Catholicism”, etc.. is what lead to this, much of her own understanding of this is from unreliable sources, huh?!?)…Christ, God, the Devil have been at war, we are in the middle; either one accepts this as testimony to the Truth, or they don’t. It is not a platform for the “evils of Religion”. It is a sad, sad story that actually happened. I had an NDE. No one has to believe what happened to me, I don’t care-I tell anyway, the ridicule, rolling eyes bother me none, I have nothing to gain-hopefully someone will realize something very simple, “all those who hear My Voice hear the truth”. I was told something interesting “out there”-“God is pleased by religions who teach kindness, love and helping each other”, but “make no mistake it was Jesus Christ who had a mission, He fulfilled it, and your world is different because of it”. Ironically, at that time if they had told me it was Krishna, I would be ok with it. It isn’t Christ who is responsible for poor or immoral behavior of anyone, be careful of what you say…I hear the truth and am glad.

  • Cidalia Martins

    Religion in and of itself is not the problem. It’s people trying to force their beliefs or non-beliefs on others. Most religions espouse peace, but idiots that don’t know how to follow their own religion mess things up. Non-religion is no better. The de-christianization of France during the French Revolution, referred to as the Reign of Terror saw over 30,000 killed in the attempt to wipe out religion. We see violence against believers in atheist states (Vietnam, etc). People just suck. Without religion, they’ll find something else to kill each other for.

  • Dave Considine

    I suggest to the author of this article “not” to make such rash and untrue
    comments in regards to a subject that you know little or nothing about…

    Dave Considine L.R.D+ C.I.E

  • imafunker2

    The audio IS very disturbing…if you’re 16 years old. Otherwise, logic tells me that these so-called “Exorcism tapes” are clearly a hoax. Adding the cheesy cathedral horror movie music doesn’t help its case to be taken seriously.

    • Britt Cone

      Right..these people orchestrated a massive hoax that covered up- what? They put her on medication for months, and nothing helped. You clearly don’t know the facts of this case…

    • Britt Cone

      Actually, if you had done any research she DID receive medical attention for months beforehand- the medications went working whatsoever, and her doctor couldn’t figure out a diagnosis, so they sought out the church seeing as medical help did NOTHING. So actually, you’re the ‘idiot”, not the priest. And your “logic” behind these occurrences, by the way, makes NO sense.

    • Britt Cone

      No, it doesn’t. Her symptoms did not fit schizophrenia at all.

    • Britt Cone

      Ridiculous statement.

    • Britt Cone

      Actually, ALL journalism is supposed to be objective, with no opinion injected into the mix. To say she had to give her opinion, or the story wouldn’t be complete is wholly incorrect.

    • Kyle Zura

      If this is still happening hit me up. I’ll do everything I can to help

      • Britt Cone

        Really doctor? Then, what did she have? Her symptoms did not fit any one psychological disease, and there was a sudden onset with no prior symptoms of mental disease. So what exactly would you diagnose her with? You think you sound rational and more intelligent than others who believe this may have been a demonic possession case, but you generalize her symptoms and rationalize by saying “you see that stuff in a psychiatric hospital”. Seriously??

    • Britt Cone

      She wasn’t tormented by the church, she was tormented by whatever had a hold of her whether it be demonic or a complex series of illnesses (that came on suddenly, with no prior symptoms whatsoever- her symptoms do NOT fit epilepsy alone). The church was trying to help her. They did not keep her from eating, which is what killed her. Epilepsy does not cause the majority of her symptoms. Try doing research before placing blame on a priest who was trying to help someone.

    • Britt Cone

      Actually, no she didn’t. As a medically trained professional, schizophrenia does not fit her symptoms. Diagnosing schizophrenia is an extremely delicate and complex process. It’s never “clear” based upon some handed down accounts.

      • http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/514186/shelly_barclay.html Shelly Barclay

        That’s mighty uncalled for.

      • Britt Cone

        Actually James, it’s people like YOU that should never post a comment- you can’t string together a coherent sentence or thought.

      • Britt Cone

        Clearly you haven’t researched the subject. At all.

      • Roger Bence

        as a lord of wiccan i can tell you that possession does actually exist,and there are many demons from the underworld who can possess you and devour you as i have cursed 4 evil individuals in the last 2 years who have died their bodies consumed from within by the demons

  • MCantoneArt

    Regarding the caption “Anneliese healthy and young vs. Anneliese close to death”, it should be corrected. In the “close to death” picture, Anneliese IS dead. That was one of three that the police took when Anna Michel (Anneliese’s mother) informed them of her daughter’s death. Also, the picture is cropped. I saw the complete picture in a documetary and Anneliese was clutching a rosary.

  • Naysayer

    She was obviously completely nuts. He religious fanatical back ground mixed with mental disorder and seizures will make a normal lady do this.

    • Britt Cone

      Wrong. Very wrong. You read one article and think you know her diagnosis? Wow, her DOCTORS (you know, people actually trained and qualified to make these calls), didn’t know what to diagnosis her with, because nothing fit. Mental disorder and seizures do not suddenly come forth simultaneously with no prior symptoms. People are ignorant if the fact that this girl WAS receiving medical care, and took multiple drugs, with adjustments made constantly, with no positive effect whatsoever. They did not just go straight to the church.

      • Leonardo Ronaz

        I think it’s time to give up. If you truly think you’re smarter than everyone here, then why continue frequenting the page? -_-;

      • Leonardo Ronaz

        And why couldn’t thy hook her up to an IV? I don’t see how that would harm her. She was close to DYING. It wouldn’t have been unethical. They could have at least tried something. Who knows, maybe her parents were careless.

        Oh wait, my bad, I’m sure YOU know. 😉

  • Mico

    All of them.

    • Britt Cone

      I guess you’re brushing aside (or completely ignorant of) the mountains of GOOD religion is responsible for in the world. I think the bitter, disenchanted folks who blame every wrong doing on religion should try READING relevant material once in a while. The is plenty of evidence proving the authenticity of many instances written in the bible, for instance, yet atheists claim it is “irrational”. Is scientific evidence irrational as well? It’s kind of pathetic clinging on to something that has mountains of evidence against it, simply because you’re unhappy and missing something in your life.

      • Travis

        The question is, is “mountains” of GOOD, worth “mountains” of BAD?
        Religion, although it can “fix” many lost and searching for an answer.
        It causes just as many to turn bad as it does good. Don’t you think an omniscient being would leave us with more than a book that can be misinterpreted until the end of time itself? Do you think that an
        omniscient being would sit around and do nothing while his people STAY confused and rape, kill, steal, and emotionally abuse innocents?

        The only GOOD that comes out of religion is there because GOOD people with GOOD hearts have no other outlet of GOOD to spread from. So they get absorbed in the closest to good thing they can find. Which tend to be “A RELIGION”.

        “It’s kind of pathetic clinging on to something that has mountains of
        evidence against it, simply because you’re unhappy and missing something in your life.” <— Pot,Kettle, Black.

        Do you know what happens when someone reads the Bible, doesn't agree with an interpretation, and tries to discuss it like a normal human being where I live? They get shunned. They get told they are "wrong" with no evidence to back it up. It inevitably gets to the point you feel like an outcast. And on top of that, they try to use every trick in the book to get you to be "LIKE THEM"

        Which includes getting told you will burn in hell for eternity. Wonder lost and confused for the rest of your life. And God forbid you go to a baptist church, where if you had friends once, you will no longer have them, because the preacher will preach that a "child of god" will not let himself be surrounded with bad company. Only company that will uplift themselves and further their "faith in God". All other "company" is to be treated like a lost soul, and should be preached to, and if they don't listen. It's their fault, they aren't "thirsty".

        Welcome to "The Bible Belt". I live here. Let's trade.

        This is how people turn BAD when they are originally GOOD, but rational people. And it happens everyday, and to multiple people in every generation. If you aren't a super strong willed person, you will feel EVIL, and like you are sin itself.

        I know I am a good person. I am a loving person, who loves all people. Homosexual, confused, lost. It doesn't matter. I will always be this way. I do not encourage lust, greed, gluttony. Yet your beliefs tell me I will rot in hell. Your God doesn't let "good" people in to Heaven. Only people who blindly worship Him. Take that as food for thought.

      • Leonardo Ronaz

        HAHA I think it’s safe to say they won’t be bothering you anymore. Well said, mate. ^^

      • Britt Cone

        Actually, I thought it sounded like rantings of a lunatic, and stopped reading about 1/5th of the way through. To say the world would be better without religion is idiotic, period. And by the way, no they couldn’t have done an exorcism with the subject “hooked up to an IV”- hospitals don’t exactly allow that. Thought that was common sense…

      • Travis

        “I thought it sounded like rantings of a lunatic, and stopped reading about 1/5th of the way through”, Wow, way to be a typical brainwashed nincompoop. Also I didn’t say the world would be better without religion. I said it caused just as much bad as good. Religion played a good role on Earth in initiating good morals and a sense of justice, good and evil. But now that we are more intelligent and have the knowledge and power to converse as quickly as we do across the globe. It’s obvious to anyone that the Bible isn’t real. People don’t get possessed by demons. And angels aren’t flying around saving everyone in a third dimension that you can’t see with your eyes. But by all means keep believing in that if you don’t have the strength to stand on your own two feet.

      • paul

        I think you mean fourth dimension..

      • Jeri Ward

        Actually, the 4th dimension is Time, and there are 7 more that are strongly theorized by the scientific community (proof is expected later this year), so if you want to correct which dimension to label as existential, you need to start around 12. And even that may be defined sooner rather than later.

      • Lynne Coates

        people do get possessed by “demons” travis. listen to the tape again. its an amazing universe! you are confined by your own dogma.

      • Travis

        If listening to the tape again is your only rebuttal to believing in demon possessions then I can see why you are so gullible to believe in them in the first place. There’s a nice space between closed-mindedness and open-mindedness called “rational thought”. It stops us from believing in Unicorns “just because”, but proposes that it’s very possible that they could have existed due to some sort of genetic adaptation for survival. You can’t just believe in crap because it’s on the internet, then claim you know anything about the universe.

      • Britt Cone

        Also, she was under medical care for a long period before this occurred. It made no impact on her condition so they didn’t know where to turn. Her doctors couldn’t come up with a diagnosis that fit all of her symptoms. Both your views on religion (seeing as it appears you agree with the ranting lunatic), fails to research the evidence of it’s triumphs. THAT is pathetic.

      • Britt Cone

        Your “logic” is baseless and you clearly aren’t qualified to argue against religion. If your rantings made any sense, I would be happy to indulge in an intelligent conversation, but you aren’t capable. Try to adjust your outlook and perhaps you won’t blame all if the world’s problems on one cause.

      • Leonardo Ronaz


      • Travis

        It seems you are the one who isn’t capable. I’m not blaming all of the worlds problems on one cause. Not even close. Just stating that for every good thing you see about it, you are ignoring just as much as you CLAIM we are. Even though I completely understand the triumphs of religion, at least the ones that you can actually see, like helping starving people, making people feel self-worth, helping people cope with tragedy. Although, it’s been proven that you can do all these things without religion. Which is my point. If you wanna talk about imaginary stuff like Noah making a giant boat that could fit 2 OF EVERY ANIMAL, then we can do that too. Though you weren’t really there to confirm it, nor I, and neither was the preacher who taught you about it. But the guy who wrote the book about it was there right? ….right? Uh oh.

      • Tracey Hopson

        I believe in God. I am a Christian. I know the “rules”. I don’t think you’re going to rot in hell. I whole heartedly believe in God, but I don’t believe God sends good people to hell, even if they have committed some of the main sins listed in the Bible. You’re a good person, so I just can’t, and don’t believe that God wouldn’t accept you. As a Christian, I don’t like to hear someone tell another person they’re going to rot in hell; that’s an opinion of their own, not a fact. I too love all people, gay, straight, atheist, christian, etc. So not all Christians feel the way you explained above, but it is true that many, many of them do and I don’t blame you for not wanting to listen to people tell you you’re going to rot in hell. My cousin whom I’m very close to is Wiccan and we have enjoyable debates/discussions about both of our religions. I’d never tell him he’s going to rot in hell.

      • Travis

        I really appreciate that Tracey, unfortunately where I live you’d be labeled as a “lazy” christian who is desensitized to their brother/sister going to hell. That’s the wonder of denominations. They favor however you want to think and its easy to pick one that is comfortable depending how your mentality needs to be fed to feel happy. Some people apparently need to be told they are going to hell to straighten up, some people need to be told they are loved constantly and someone actually cares. Some people just want to belong to something and they’ve felt the fakeness of most churches and so join something equally as fake that tailors better into their lifestyle, such as Wiccan, Buddhism, etc. Although it’s really sad to me that some people would choose a “darker” group rather than one whose main purpose, whether they achieve it or not, is good. I’m sorry for your cousin. Hopefully he eventually starts to enjoy the life portion of this existence and not focus so much on the death. There is still plenty of love, happiness, and peace that can be found outside of religion. You just have to be strong-willed and not easily manipulable. The problem I find with the Bible even with almost every denomination is the lack of outside interest, and the lack of searching for unknowns. Everytime I talk with Christians, they eventually have to tell me “I don’t really know how that works, only God knows” Instead of searching for answers they just seem to be like “meh”. Anything outside of the Bible is a complete mystery to them because they only seek answers from the Bible itself. Which compared interestingly to the fact that most Preachers I’ve run into seem to be very lacking in education outside the realm of the brief history of their religion. Again, thank you for being kind with your response in all fashions, unlike some other idiots on this forum who are closed-minded and probably would’ve burned many innocent people labeled as witches back in the day due to their BLIND devotion and arrogance.

  • Mico

    The world would definitely much better w/out these Religions…and WTC buildings is more likely still stands today.

    • Lisa

      which religions would the world be better off without? Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism. Are there some “better” than others? Which ones are we better off without?

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/514186/shelly_barclay.html Shelly Barclay

    I cannot say that I disagree with you. Religion does certainly have a dark side.

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    Once again, the evils of religion rear its ugly head. How many others have been tortured, maimed, and even killed in the delusional beliefs brainwashed into them from infancy?

    Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been, caused by religion. For example, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, 9/11, and family planning clinic bombing in the USA. Then there were the crusades, the inquisition, witch burnings, and the dark ages. Get the idea?

    Humanity will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

    • Nathan Goss

      The catholic church didnt do anything wrong. The girl got medical attention, but for whatever reason, it didnt seem to help. So she saught help else where. The.Catholic church takes exorcism very seriously. In fact its very difficult to get the Catholic church to preform a.exorcism. the victim will be heavily scrutinized, because they need to meet a very specific set criteria before the church will agree to help. Most “possesion” incidents the church investigate end up being a mental disorder. In fact the majority of exorcism requests are denied. So to get help from the church, requires serious effort. (For example you would need to provide documentation from a psychiatrist saying you had been evaluated and there was no sign of a mental disorder) I feel like you have this idea that, foolish people though this chick was possessed, So she never got any medical treatment, then these priests showed up and tried to “faith heal” her. That isnt how it happened. I think she was receiving medical treatment, want doing anything, contacted Catholic church asking for an exorcism, the church investigated the situation for a period of weeks it months until they determined she qualified for the exorcism. Meanwhile the woman continues to receive treatment until the church agreed to preform an exorcism.

      To me it appears you disagree with religion, preferring a world where actions and decisions are made using factual information. At least, that’s what you think you want. your comment was hypocritical, and you were doing the things you accused religion of doing. You probably think you have a scientific mind set, but.it doesnt look that way to me. In science, you observe phenomena, record the information, and when enough data is present, you come to a conclusion. What your doing is, starting with a pre supposition (religion is bad) then you go look for information that supports your belief. Which is exactly what religious people do. They think the earth is 6000 years old, and people and dinosaurs co-existed. So.the concept of evolution.challenges this mentality. So in their mind, evolution couldn’t have happened, then they go look for information that supports their idea. You believe religion caused most of the problems in the world. Im fairly certain you didnt make a list of all the bad things that ever happened and organized them into groups based on what initiated them. No, you went and looked for incidents that support your idea. Which is ridiculous. More people died in World war one and two, then all the incidents you mentioned combined. Civil war, the trail of tears, the holocaust, Vietnam, korean war.I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. Im actually an atheist myself, and im not to fond of religion myself. But if your going to fault religion, dont do the.exact thing you faulted religion with, litterally two sentences later.

      • imafunker2

        I’m not sure how you got all of that from the short comments provided by the reader. Your strange, disjointed, poorly spelled and worded attack read like ramblings from an unsound mind.

      • Britt Cone

        Actually, Nathan Goss is 100% correct, and his words are anything but “strange, disjointed ramblings”. It appears you are the one who has not researched this or any other exorcism case. The fact the writer said she could have been cared for better tells us that she thought the people being charged were truly at fault- but how does someone “make” one eat if they refuse?? She was an adult- and one that was clearly not thinking even vaguely clearly. You cannot force someone to eat. It’s ridiculous.

      • Leonardo Ronaz

        They could have performed the exorcisms at a hospital whilst having Ms. Anneliese sedated and hooked up to an IV. But did they? Nope. ;]

      • The Flobbit

        Thank you for being a voice of reason here. I just want to throw out there (as a Christian myself) that anybody who thinks the world is 6000 years old needs to take a good hard stare at reality.

      • Jim Glenn

        So. you’re a christian but the blble is a lie. Er,ok…

      • The Flobbit

        First off, let me fix that comment for you: “So, you’re a Christian, but the Bible is a lie. Er…OK.” There. Grammar’s nice.

        Okay, so let me fill in some things for you. These are facts:
        1. NOWHERE in the Bible will you find the number 6000 used to talk about the age of the Earth. That number was thought up much later.

        2. The Bible is a giant book filled with 66 littler books. To say its “The Bible is a lie” is impossible. Can a book of poetry be a lie? We have to narrow it down.

        3. The book of Genesis was written as a creation myth to illustrate truths about the world. It’s not literal and was never meant to be taken as history or science.

      • Jim Glenn

        The period was at typo ,and oh degenerate me, I left out a comma in a comment section.

        A book cannot state how old it is for obvious reasons.I haven’t read much of the nonsense,but I’ve read much analysis of it,and I’ve never heard a christian dispute the 6,000 figure. Here’s a yahoo answer that sums up how it was calculated.

        “In the Bible ,it shows a clear genealogy of Jesus starting with Joseph and
        ending with Adam. It also shows exactly how long each one of them lived.
        For example it says A is the son of B, who lived 50 years. And B is the
        son of C, who lived 70 years, etc.

        If we add up all the ages, the Earth turns out roughly 6,000 years old.

      • The Flobbit

        First off, if you’ve never heard a Christian dispute that figure before, you have now. Second, most of Christianity disputes it. Its the fundamentalist American denominations that don’t. The entire Catholic Church certainly doesn’t believe it, for one thing. That’s a billion Christians that dispute it right there.

        Second, there are gaps in those genealogies. They were not meant to be a comprehensive record of Jesus’s entire ancestry. You can compare the genealogies found in the Bible – some have filled in gaps that others skipped over. When it says that, for instance, “A begat B” it doesn’t mean that A was literally B’s son. It means that B was descended from A. In this way, 6000 years is an arbitrary figure that was thought up in the 19th Century by a Biblical theologian as little more than a theory.

        So, as you can see, its not a silly myth because analysis is not useless. It just takes a bit of research to clear up your thinking. I hope I’ve helped clear up this misconception of the Bible.

    • Odysseia

      I could not agree with you more. Your post is very logical and rational.
      Christianity and its derivative sects and cults from Catholicism to Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses to Islam and Muslems, are all mind enslaving practices with one target – to trap humanity using 2 tools:
      Fear and Guilt and one method – Brain Washing.

      Christianity destroyed the free spirit of humanity which was once so wonderfully cultivated by ancient Greek philosophy and civilization. Even Buddism includes some wise ancient philosophy allowing its followers to progress with useful knowledge and civilization though I would have to say that Buddhism fits mostly the Orientals. (I won’t disclose the reason for this). Christianity only managed to bring destruction of the human free spirit into the dark ages which continued well into our era disguised as ‘modern slavery’….

      This poor girl had a weak physical condition to begin with. It seems her mother was not healthy enough to give birth to healthy children. Becoming ill with epilepsy made her even more vulnerable … Her family trusted the church’s ‘abilities’ only to make the situation worst.
      The Christian church uses ‘black magic’ for ages now which most of the world has not or does not want to understand nor believe this….(That’s how well the clergy succeeded into brainwashing the world..)
      Anneliese’s body was open to entities and invaded with dark forces which eventually pushed her to her death. The irony to all this, is that there are some priests of sincere nature who lack the knowledge to theology’s ‘black magic’ they study and practice only making things worse!

      Even pharmaceutical medicine is a form of ‘black magic’ just as genetically modified food is. Alll this was discovered with one goal in mind, to minimize and destroy humanity as much as possible……

    • The Flobbit

      I agree. Sort of. Religion has been perhaps the greatest cause of suffering and death in history.

      But so has non-religion. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin – perhaps the most evil men in history – didn’t kill in the name of any god. It was just the opposite. Alistair McGrath puts it this way: “The 20th century gave rise to one of the greatest and most distressing paradoxes of human history: that the greatest intolerance and violence of that century were practiced by those who believed that religion caused intolerance and violence.”

      Secondly, and this goes for non-religion too: you can’t oversimplify these things. The Troubles in Northern Ireland were due to centuries of British oppression (I should know, being Irish) and political injustice. Al Qaeda and ISIS are built on American policy failures and mistakes in government. The Crusades were about land, the Inquisition a power-grab veiled by religion, etc etc. Religion is responsible for these things in many ways. But religion, when done right (which is sadly rare), should always lead to peace and love.

      And you’re overlooking the billions of lives saved and rescued by religion. Specifically Christianity. People picked up from death’s door and given hope and freedom through their belief in God. I could give you examples if you want. But would it change anything? Cheers.

      • Jeri Ward

        I can’t speak to the others as I have never researched them, but it is incorrect to state that religion was not involved in Hitler’s atrocities. Hitler was superstitious, had a fascination with the paranormal and existential “powers,” believed in some aspects of mysticism and astrology (despite publicly criticizing this in others), and also that certain belief systems were evil and others were good. In Mein Kampf he wrote that he was “acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” Although he definitely wished eliminate the power of the Judeo-Christian CHURCH on society, this did not equate to a lack of belief on his own part.

      • The Flobbit

        Well, this isn’t a case of true Christian faith doing horrible things, but rather one man’s perverted view of Christianity, while merged with his superstition, being wielded in ignorance to terrible effect. The Bible preaches love, equality, and peace…

        But thanks for sharing this. Much of it was new to me.

      • Jeri Ward

        Re: one psychopathic megalomaniac doing horrible things based on a twisted worldview– totally agree. As far as the Bible preaching love, equality and peace??? Have you actually READ the Bible?? It’s not a license agreement– you need to actually read it if you are going to summarize it– you can’t just skip to the end and click “Accept”…

      • The Flobbit

        Yes, I have read the Bible. Your point?
        I mean, Jesus said these things: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, “Judge not that ye be not judged”, “Forgive those who persecute you”, “Blessed are the peacemakers”, and time and time again openly voiced his hatred of racial discrimination (Samaritans?) and discrimination against minorities, women, children, and the disabled. I could provide examples if you want.

        The Old Testament, yes, is a violent book for a violent time, when a little tribe of shepherds had to clear a path in history for themselves in a land peopled by barbarians, warlike tribes, and the ancestors of the Spartans. However, all of that (not to get preachy here) was rendered moot by Jesus’s crucifixion. So yeah, the Bible preaches love, equality and peace. It also condemns a lot of bad behaviour, so you can’t twist Jesus’s words to make it about total acceptance. There are nasty, horrible things and people in the world, and the Bible does not make light of that.

        But in the end, love is the most important thing. Cheesy but true, baby.