Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World

Among the most intriguing historic mysteries on Earth are those that involve lost treasures. Not only are the stories behind the loss typically compelling, there is the tantalizing possibility that someone will one day uncover these treasures. A person could be made wealthy in a matter of seconds if they were to find even one of the greatest lost treasures of all time.  Check out what we feel are the top ten lost treasures of the world!


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The Amber Room

The Amber Room is or was quite what it sounds like, but also much more. It was highly ornate and decked out in precious and semi-precious jewels. It was 11 feet by 11 feet of glistening treasure that would be worth almost $200 million if anyone knew where it was. Nazi Germany stole it from the Soviet Union during World War II. They had it for a few years and then it disappeared.


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The Treasure of Lima

The Treasure of Lima was sent off aboard a ship by the Spanish occupiers of Peru in 1823. It was en route to Mexico and safety when the captain of the ship — William Thompson — killed the men sent with him by the Spanish to guard the treasure. Thompson was later captured and brought to Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica, where he said he buried the treasure. Instead of finding the treasure, authorities lost their prisoner. No one ever saw either again.


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Weaver’s Needle at Superstition Mountain

Perhaps the most popular story of lost treasure in North America is that of the Dutchman Mine. Superstition Mountain outside of Phoenix, Arizona is the supposed location for this lost treasure. Several men or teams of men went to Superstition Mountain and either came back with gold or sent gold home to their families. Nearly all of them met with violent ends or simply disappeared. This is likely because the Apache in the area were hostile about people searching for gold on the mountain. There was almost certainly a mine there, but no one has come back with gold since the late 1800’s.


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King John’s Jewels

The story of King John’s Lost Jewels comes from contemporary writers. They say that in 1216, the unpopular king was traveling when he became ill. He decided to take the safe roads to home and send his belongings through the Wash. This area was only traversable during low tide. His men and the wealth with which he was traveling were unable to cross the Wash in time to miss high tide. The jewels were lost and have yet to be seen again.


lost treasures

Princess Anastasia

The Romanovs were the last royal family of the Russian Empire. They were overthrown during the Russian Civil War and eventually murdered, right down to their young son Alexei. Most of their possessions were taken, catalogued and secured, some never to be seen again. However, the Romanovs tried desperately to hide their valuables up until the day of their executions and they definitely succeeded in hiding a great deal of them as evidenced by some of them turning up after the fact. No one knows where they hid the rest of their wealth.

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