Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World


lost treasures

Imperial Faberge Eggs

Yet another Romanov mystery on this list is that of the Imperial Faberge Eggs. The Romanovs loved Faberge and purchased two large eggs from him every year. Eight are missing out of a total of 50. Some Imperial Faberge Eggs sell for around 9 million dollars. A lost Faberge Egg would likely draw more. That means just one of these missing eggs could make a person very rich.


lost treasures

Flor De La Mar

The Flor de la Mar was a 400-ton Portuguese carrack. It sank in the Straight of Malacca in 1511 with one of the largest sunken treasures of maritime history. Most sunken treasures sound a bit like legend, but this could not be further from the truth in this case. The treasure aboard the Flor de la Mar was well documented and it has yet to be found.


lost treasures

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the first and most infamous ruler of the Mongol Empire. His burial was surrounded by mystery. After he died in 1227, he was placed in a hidden tomb. Legend has it that those who erected the tomb and interred the emperor were killed so its location would remain secret. Thought it is uncertain, it is assumed that he was buried with significant riches.



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Lake Toplitz

In 1945, a group of Nazis demanded transport from locals near Lake Toplitz. They were taken to the lake and seen dumping heavy boxes into the lake. These were presumably filled with more than 100 million dollars worth of counterfeit pound sterling notes. It would seem easy to find them. However, the bottom half of the lake does not contain oxygen. There is a layer of logs floating just above that level, making it very difficult to dive for the treasure.


The Crown Jewels of Ireland

lost treasure

Irish Crown Jewels

While not the most valuable of the treasures on this list, the so-called Crown Jewels of Ireland indeed when missing in one of the most interesting ways. They were kept by the Order of St. Patrick, from which they were stolen right under the nose of the guard in 1907.

These are just a few of the many known and potentially many unknown lost treasures of the world, but anyone would be luck to find any of them. More than just the fact that any of these would make one rich and famous, there is the historic significance to consider. The Faberge Eggs represent a lost era in Russian history. The tomb of Genghis Khan contains a man who is believed to have fathered most of the world. It has the potential to change history as we know it.


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