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Alfred Jones, Ph.D

Alfred Jones has a Ph.D in psychology, advance studies in law and education. He is an Egyptian scholar having taught in the UK, USA and China. He is also a former consultant to the San Jose California Egyptian Museum. Author of seven books and over twenty articles for professional journals.

Rescuing A Forgotten Lady From Oblivion

In Alexandria, Egypt, Peter the Lector and others brutally murdered Hypatia. (Mary Evans Picture Library / Alamy)

Although it is difficult to visualize Hypatia as coming into conflict with anyone, she was singled out for a special type of rejection by militant Christians.

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The Destruction of History

The taller Buddha of Bamiyan before (left picture) and after destruction (right).

There have been times when events and circumstances of the past have been altered or revised to meet the needs of particularly politicians to create illusions that will meet their needs for a variety of reasons.

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A Comparative Analysis of Thomas Jefferson and Sun Yat-Sen

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson challenged King George as well as the structure of the British Empire. In so doing, he placed himself in personal danger. Sun Yat-Sen, with only a small army to back him up, was able not only to destroy the very powerful Qing Dynasty but the five thousand year old governmental structure and establish the Republic of China.

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The Psychology of Forgers

Forgery: Eight versions of the Mona Lisa

Although there have been those who have made a good living out of forging anything of value, it needs to be pointed out that a great deal of both skill and experience is necessary to forge a piece of art or to forge silver, gold or paper money.

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Psychologist Sheds light on the behavior of Amenhotep IV – Akhenaten

Head of Akhenaten

It is possible that Akhenaten became more seriously disturbed and irrational behavior could have been observed in all areas of his life.

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The Nephews of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky

Karl van Beethoven (1806-1858)

Karl van Beethoven was the son of the deceased brother of Beethoven and Vladimar Davydov was the son of Tchaikovsky’s sister Aleksandra. Both composers were musical geniuses, but there was little or no similarity in their lives and personalities.

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Ancient Coinage

Drachma of Aegina, 6th century BC

In 510 BC, there came into existence a small piece of silver structured into a “coin” with a portrait of the goddess Athena on one side and an owl on the other.

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Two Roman Emperors with a Social Conscience

Bust of Antoninus Pius, at Glyptothek, Munich

Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius gave the Roman people a unique respite from what was more often than not a life of stress and constant fear.

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