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Ancient Alien Evidence

There is a popular belief, compounded by popular television, that aliens walked the Earth in ancient times. Some theorize that ancient aliens are responsible for ancient technological wonders and/or that the ancient gods were in fact aliens. The History Channel’s series “Ancient Aliens” goes into details about why this belief is so popular and what evidence there is to support it. As it turns out, there is quite a bit of evidence to support ancient alien theories. However, all of it is subject to interpretation.

ancient alien evidence

Alien runway or evidence that Ancient Nazca people were bored?

Alleged Ancient Alien Evidence


Ancient geoglyphs, particularly the Nazca lines, are some of the most famous pieces of supposed ancient alien evidence. The Nazca lines of Peru are high up in the desert. They appear to have been made by the ancient Nazca people sometime between 400 BCE and 650 CE. They are huge, some measuring more than 600 ft. wide. While many depict animals, such as a spider and a monkey, others look like what ancient alien theorists would call “alien runways.”

The reason why these geoglyphs are often seen as evidence of contact with aliens is the simple fact that they cannot be seen as what they are from the ground. There is no way to view them as art unless you are in the air. The problem is that there was no way for people to fly back then, so for some, it stands to reason that these lines were meant to act as messages or runways for aliens. It is quite possible that the Nazca looked at it as artwork for the gods, but were their gods really aliens?

It is important to note that there is no scholarly consensus on the purpose of the Nazca lines. They have baffled us since their discovery. There just seems to be no logical reason for their existence. Therefore, there is no excluding ancient alien theories in regards to the Nazca lines, no matter how seemingly illogical they are.

Ancient Art

Satan fighting archangel Michael

Satan fighting archangel Michael

Ancient art, as seen in cave drawings, sculpture and carvings, may be the most indicative of ancient aliens. There are cave drawings of what look like astronauts, aliens and spacecraft virtually all over the world. The Jatuo Labyrinth, Tanzania, France, Mexico, Utah, Peru, Kiev, Australia, Tibet, Japan, India and more have artwork from the ancients that depict suspiciously alienesque scenes.

What is the most strange about these drawings is that they are very similar to modern depictions of aliens, spacecraft and astronauts. Creatures with long, skinny bodies and limbs that have alien-shaped heads, saucer like craft floating above people and humans wearing suits with tubes in them are all alien and outer space-related art that we would see today. Why were ancient people drawing the same things?

To see a large collection of ancient aliens depicted in ancient art, click here.

Ancient Architecture

There is no question that some ancient architectural structures must have been nigh on impossible to build. Tools then were nowhere near the sophistication of tools today. Nonetheless, structures like the Pyramids of Giza, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge exist. How is that monumental structures exist in places where it is difficult to breathe, let alone build? How did ancient people fit stones so closely together that they have lasted thousands of years without mortar? How did they move stones that weigh several tons from miles away and then place them on top of each other? Modern architects and archaeologists are having trouble answering these questions. If ancient aliens helped ancient people build these structures; that would explain everything. However, it still leaves many questions.

It is possible that aliens came to Earth in ancient times and tutored the people they found here. They may also have been worshiped as gods and depicted as important characters in ancient artwork. If so, they are apparently no longer here. Why did they leave? Where did they go? Why did they offer the technology to build massive structures, but not the technology to build flying aircraft? If they were here, they certainly had the technology to fly. If they lived here among humans, where are their graves? Where is their art? Why would they leave virtually no mark of their own, except through humans? There are countless questions like this when it comes to ancient alien evidence and none of them are answerable at this time. Ancient aliens or not, there are many questions that all of these relics pose. Maybe some aliens will show up and explain it to us sometime.

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  • Conor Bowen

    If there are beings who are visiting this planet from other planets or galaxies, I seriously doubt that their space travel technology would require a runway for liftoff. Ancient Astronaut hypothesis is an interesting idea to say the least, but the Nazca Lines are, in my opinion, poor proof of an ancient extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

    • TNflash

      My guess is its likely a land transportation system or interstellar communication device. Just think that if the world’s societies are 99.9% wiped out by some natural cataclysm, evolving virus, or man’s stupidity and only pockets of human life is left to rebuild without access to technology, tools or energy, after thousands of years, the remaining humanoids may wonder about our skyscrapers, interstate highways, and such. I think it was very clever for aliens to leave the drawings in South America that can only be seen from a high altitude. It means that they wanted an intelligent race to know they were here and when we were smart enough maybe how to find them. Two of the drawings look like a map of spiral galaxies with certain stars marked on them. If humans are ever able to take their place among the stars we maybe able to match the drawings to the positions of our galaxy in the past and then know from where they came and when they were here.

  • rik pkac

    IF TRUTH exists, and we are intelligent beings, so it therefore MUST be so….then an intelligent being (god) must have left evidence, aside from what we can discover in science, ie: Bacterial Flagellum, and its design which by Darwins OWN WORDS, cause him to be voided….and also ie: the GOD Particle as the objective for the building of the Large Hadron Collider (How do atoms make matter?) results being that finding of the god particle…truth then…
    must be available to all, always!
    No one group (religion) can possibly achieve this…quite the opposite is true, as the definition of a Cult is any one group, stating they have the truth…and the hallmark of a cult, IS this definition! Man has always attempted to appear righteous, by his own efforts, and we always failed. The Bible is a catalog of mankind’s failure from the very start, to now. Yes, all the greats as well…must go to Him, as the only one, for strength, faith, and truths.
    The reasons are not complex, in fact it is very simple, we have free will, but there is no shades of gray. One, is for, or against god…period! His own words…His own natural laws setup before creation! He would be stupid to go against what he himself had set as basic laws.
    The evidence for this exists from previous well advanced cultures which came and went…with more highly advanced tech than we now have. a short list would be, existance of pyramids to the same orientations/dimensions…WORLDWIDE! structures like the Pyramids of Giza, Puma Punku, Machu Picchu and Stonehenge, nazca plains – on and on…. exist. How is that monumental structures exist in places where it is difficult to breathe, let alone build? How did ancient people fit stones so closely together that they have lasted thousands of years without mortar? How did they move stones that weigh several tons from miles away and then place them on top of each other? Modern architects and archaeologists are having trouble answering these questions. If ancient aliens helped ancient people build these structures; that would explain everything. However, it still leaves many questions. Immensense cut graphite stones appearing to be made so precise it could only be done by an exteremely powerful laser, and yet are very ancient, and much more.
    cattle mutilations, ufo’s, bigfoots in every country on earth and in near all states in USA….
    We arent to be concerned with these as the truth we are given, is more than enoug for us to plumb. Im certain other worlds have intelligent beings, and even that they hae visited us, so what? Impact or not, we serve for our time under a covenant, which is protected. Isaiah “I will watch over my word to protect it, it will not return void, but will accomplish what so ever I intend it to do”
    Nations have tried to kill it, and erase it, and yet it exists, affirmed as late as 1947 wit the deadsea scrolls. Exact to the word, and meanings.
    So, what are these current day monsters, and such. The Word says – and I can attest to on a first hand basis, these are the “familiars” among us. The fallen angels, now demons against the God who made them, but the only methods available to these lost entities, are to confuse and harass human kind. They, may touch and manipulate all, but cannot, without gods permission, touch a human! This is all clear in the Word of God, our Bible! There is no negotiations after death, and no one has assurance of his next breath!
    These ancient alien ‘theorists, want to appear smart, even smarter than they really are! No room then for a god creator. At some point in your life, you (all of us) will come to the end of SELF…your self, and finally SEE u r nothing, (80% water and dust) and that all u have done is as a child does – following his own desires, affirming HIS needs, gimme gimme get, me, me, me, NOTHING IS YOUR OWN all is from da guy in da sky…we choose zero. He makes us each unique…. which incls how we look, who we are, what we can do, or not do… did u YOU form yourself? God provides the spirit, personality, and gave the breath of life. HE gave you all u are. He maintains us all, in every atomic second, as evidenced by the God Particle discovered by the Hadron Collider. Check it for yourself. Isnt it worthy of some hard searching? It may be a simple thing to see the clarity of it, but truth real truths, are to be sought after as silver and gold, and that isnt lying on the surface, DIG!

    • TNflash

      I can’t agree with you. The so called God Particle was called that because they thought it was the smallest energy particle that all other particles were made from. They have since found others. Your other arguments are nothing but flawed stories. If everything came from your god then he created evil which would make him flawed unless you believe your god is Zeus on high and is suppose to be flawed, coming to earth to procreate and mess with humans lives with wars, disease and such which you say he has already pre-planned. A visiting alien race that visited earth that primitive humans called gods, makes more sense to me.

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