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Is this medieval adventure story based in reality? Was Robin Hood a hero? More specifically, was there a real Robin Hood? Let's examine this myth closely.

Who was Aleister Crowley? Was he a satanist, magician, family man, or just a fraud. Read about his life starting with his childhood in this mini biography.

There is still much research going on regarding the Voynich Manuscript. Some top experts have dedicated a lot of time to attempting to decipher the ‘code.’

The young Princes in the Tower disappeared after the older prince was about to become King of England. Did King Richard III murder them?

The famous prisoner who was in Bastille around the year 1700 is only known as the Man in the Iron Mask, but his true identity is a sensational mystery.

The peat bogs of ancient Celtic Europe tell a story of life and violent death of the bog bodies that were found there. Who were these people?

Twenty-five years after the loss of the USS Scorpion and her 99 man crew, parts of the findings of the inquest became declassified.

The area that the USS Cyclops disappeared is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The USS Cyclops is one of many ships that have reportedly gone missing in the area.

The Roanoke Colony was the first English settlement in America. It vanished. The mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke has baffled society for centuries.

There are many who are certain that the Tarim mummies represent the first Caucasians to settle in the area. When did Europeans first arrive in China?

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