Boy Jones: The Peeping Stalker of Queen Victoria

Before she turned into her portly and elderly self, Queen Victoria was a young and attractive 19-year-old girl. She was hyped up by the media and frenzied by the public, just about the time she was to be crowned Queen of England. Of course, she too got what many young and beautiful celebrity girls never wish to have – a stalker. His name was Edward Jones, but many people knew him as Boy Jones. The otherwise uneducated Jones was shunned by society and seemed almost invisible. Somehow he managed to very easily sneak into Queen Victoria’s most private apartments without raising any suspicion from the royal militia that guarded her.

Boy Jones was 14 when he developed an obsession for Queen Victoria.

Boy Jones was 14 when he developed an obsession for Queen Victoria.

Edward “The Boy” Jones

Edward Jones was born in 1824 in the house of a poor tailor. As true is the fact that family builds a child’s character, Edward received a drunk for a father. They had a single shabby little room for a house and Boy Jones had a worn rag for a bed. No doubt, he emerged as a lousy, dirty, disgusting fellow.

With all the commotion surrounding the coronation of the new Queen, curiosity sparked in the boy’s mind, and Boy Jones developed a new habit. He began infiltrating the Buckingham Palace and slyly observing Queen Victoria while she went about her daily chores. But not for long.

In the cold December of 1838, just five months since Queen Victoria had been crowned, he was found ransacking the bedrooms of Buckingham. The guards also found the queen’s underwear down Boy Jones’ pants. Accused of stealing some of the palace personals, including the undergarments, Jones was tried at the Westminster Sessions. Treating his acts as a joke, the court acquitted him.

The Stubborn Boy

Instead of celebrating his safe escape from a criminal trial and choosing a life of truthfulness and honesty, the stubborn Edward was recaptured under a sofa in the Queen’s bedroom in December 1840. He had been spying on her conversation with Prince Albert. The boy was tried before the Privy Council and sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment. Just a few days after he was released in March 1841, Edward was caught eating meat and potatoes from the royal kitchen, hiding in the picture gallery of the palace. There was a wild criticism in the press regarding the safety of the Royal Palace of Britain. People around the nation theorized multiple conjectures as to how the cunning teen had found his way into the palace despite the strict guardianship of the security. Meanwhile, Boy Jones simply maintained that he got in through an unguarded basement window.

Unlawful Detentions and Misfortunes

Newspapers continued lashing at the incompetent security. Boy Jones’ father revealed that his son would often disappear for days without explanation. Lord Melbourne became agitated to have the boy removed, fearing for the Queen’s life. Melbourne snatched up the boy and transferred him to Brazil. While attempting to return to England, Boy Jones was again kidnapped and forced to serve as a sailor in the Royal Navy.

Twice he tried to escape but failed and was reduced to a mere slave of the crown. He was finally released in 1848 when the queen began to fear negative media publicity should anything wrong happen to him. Jones was still far from repentance and was again arrested for burglary and deported to Freemantle in Australia. Boy Jones found his way back to England in 1857 and was again apprehended for theft.

What Happened to Boy Jones?

In 1868, a newspaper reported that the new Minister of Public Works in Victoria, Mr. Jones, was actually the brother of Boy Jones. This was same Boy Jones who got into trouble for trespassing and theft on multiple occasions. A civilian also came forth with information that Boy Jones had found a job as a town crier in Perth, Australia.

On 26th December 1893, a passerby found a certain Thomas Jones underneath the Mitchell River Bridge. He had from the bridge after he got severely drunk. According to the Bairnsdale Advertiser, this was the same Boy Jones.

The Introverted Peeper

Among those who had closely spectated Edward Jones, he was the shy, introvert, allergic-to-work kind of fellow. They considered him a complete loner and a heartless wretch with no affection even for his own parents. According to writer Jan Bondeson from the Fortean Times Magazine, Jones may have been a sufferer of Schizoid personality. This is a behavioral disorder which causes someone to become emotionally cold and detached. The individual may also develop a special attraction for someone of the opposite gender. Thus, under the misconception that the person of desire is giving in to his advances, the sufferer of Schizoid personality may even take up to stalking. Perhaps Boy Jones suffered from this disorder, perhaps not. But one thing is for certain. The mysterious ways of one of the first celebrity stalkers are sure to bewilder your minds.


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