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Is Michael Jackson Dead Controversy

In the documentary film by Pearl Jr. Alive? Is Michael Jackson Really Dead, one can become easily fascinated with the various presentations which not only led up to his supposed death but what followed thereafter.

michael jackson dead

Can Michael Jackson’s death be a hoax?

The research in my book after his death, “The Psychoanalysis of Michael Jackson” is presently causing me to weigh in on the subject as it would be seen through the eyes of a psychologist and focus attention on one word, “logic”.

Human behavior is often predictable in the extreme. Behavioral Scientists tell us that we humans spend all of our time attempting to satisfy needs. We have been able to reduce these needs down to four – the need for love, the need for security, the need recognition and the need for adventure. It is believed that everything we do from the time we get up in the morning until we go to bed at night is designed to satisfy these needs.]

As we direct our attention to the matter of Michael Jackson’s death, we will focus on the need for recognition. We need to be accepted by others, thought well of and hope that others will be impressed with what we do. In other words, we want people to see us as an important person. In order to gain recognition, we often do things that are not logical or even in our best interest.

You are walking along the beach in Florida and find an ancient Spanish coin. Perhaps you are scuba diving and find a hundred silver coins on the ocean floor. There are three things that you can do. You can take them home, tell no one and take them out from time to time and enjoy them, you can search the internet for coin dealers with the hope of selling them,  saying that they came from a private collection, or like the vast number of people with a strong need for recognition,  tell a friend admonishing them to tell no one.

It won’t be long before there is a knock at your door by someone who says the coins really belong to them and they want them. This might be an insurance company, a governmental agency or anyone who became privy to your need for recognition after what you told a friend in the strictest of confidence.

If Michael Jackson’s death was a hoax, think about the complications involved. Think about an army of people necessary to carry it off. Think about the aspect of secrecy, the highly clandestine activity of people who could or perhaps could not be fully trustworthy.

Having money for the future may not have been a problem. It would have been easy to put cash in a duffle bag and hide it somewhere. It would have been extremely dangerous to use any banking facilities anywhere in the world.

You are still alive. Where would you go and where would you live? You can find a cave and become a hermit or you can make every attempt to continue with your present creature comforts. Would you want to live in America or in some other part of the world?

Let’s look at the Marlon Brando Island in the South Pacific which has been suggested as a future residence. Just getting there would represent many problems. You can’t fly commercially so you use a private jet. If you fly from LAX to Burbank, you have of file a flight plan. Flying from LAX to the South Pacific would be even more complicated.

Get a copy of “SAIL” magazine or “YACHTING WORLD” and buy a 100’ yacht. This is easy because the hundreds of comings and goings of yachts from any west coast marina or yacht harbor, or for that matter, a private residence is easy with no paper trail.

This would require a professional crew. You would need your servants and you could have some of your trusted friends. You set sail and ultimately reach your destination. What would happen? Would your professional crew want to spend the rest of their life there or would they want to go home? What about staff and friends?  Go ahead and send them all back on the yacht and hire locals for servants. There is absolutely no power on earth great enough to guarantee that no one says anything. The need for recognition being what it is would take over as the need for security in the form of money to be received by selling your story.

What about buying a half million dollar recreational vehicle with a tow car. You have complete freedom to go anywhere in America never having to expose yourself. With one or two trustworthy friends, this might be your best bet. It would be relatively easy for your family and friends to visit with you in the wilderness of America. It is possible that Michael could utilize the great open roads of America as his new domain.

Basically, I don’t think so. In my analysis of this man, it would be very clear that he would be his own worst enemy in this regard. His need for recognition was boundless.  It would be impossible for me to believe that his entire life of needing the spotlight  could be set aside with impunity.

Could any member of his family be completely trusted? I don’t think so. Some have suggested that this is the most dysfunctional, disorganized and unreliable family in America. If there was a dollar to be made in substantiating the hoax, they would be the first to come forward.

At any point during the days following his death, there would have been many who would have been psychologically compelled to gain recognition by telling a trusted friend in the strictest of confidence about the part that they played in the deception.

In the final analysis, there is absolutely nothing that can defy logic in this matter. Any scenario that one can present, will not pass the test of what is and what is not logical. I suspect that there are very few if any people in this entire machination that could be completely trusted. That being the case the entire hoax supposition falls of its own weight. A hoax is just not logical.

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Alfred Jones has a Ph.D in psychology, advance studies in law and education. He is an Egyptian scholar having taught in the UK, USA and China. He is a former consultant to the San Jose California Egyptian Museum. Author of 7 books and over 20 articles for professional journals.

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