Modern Ghost Hunting Equipment

modern ghost hunting equipment

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A scant hundred years ago, mediums and Ouija Boards were among the most prominent ways people used to see if some of the dead remained behind in “haunted” houses or prisons or hotels.

Today, due to the great advancements of modern science, the ghost hunting equipment available to modern paranormal investigators is much more technical. These devices may have been invented to address more conventional areas of modern science, but many have been eagerly adapted by ghost hunters. You may have seen some of them in action on various TV programs featuring investigators of paranormal phenomena. The following are some of the most commonly used ghost hunting equipment to chase after spirits.

Because it is believed that ghosts generate electromagnetic activity, an air ion counter is used by some investigators. Ions are basically atoms or molecules that have an unbalanced number of electrons. Ions may be generated by chemical or physical fluctuations that some believe can be present in the presence of ghosts.

Although barometers were invented in the 1640s, some ghost hunters theorize that ghosts may affect atmospheric pressure. The use of barometers is put into place in ghost hunts to find puzzling drops or increases of that pressure.

Another old-fashioned object being used by modern ghost hunters is the simple candle. Placed outside of a draft or any other form of air manipulation, movement of the flame may indicate the presence of an otherworldly entity.

A whole range of cameras may be used by a hunter. Some believe that ghosts can appear on film-based cameras and electric cameras when they are not seen by the naked eye. There are many famous photographs online of anomalies that may be caused by the presence of ghosts.

A modern mechanism known as an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) device can allegedly pick up voices of spirits. Like the camera, these voices are either heard real-time by the investigators or are only heard later, as the sound recordings are replayed.

Similar to candles, chimes are sometimes used to detect air movement that cannot be explained by drafts or open windows. The tinkling of a wind chime may indicate the movement of a ghost.

Like the use of barometers to detect abnormalities in atmospheric pressure, a hydrometer can alert an investigative team to unexplainable changes in air humidity.
ghost hunting equipment

Paranormal phenomena investigators use the latest in ghost hunting equipment.

modern ghost hunting equipmentA common disturbance linked to ghostly activity is the “cold spot,” an area that is much colder than the surroundings. An infrared and thermal scanner can be used to detect these areas. Although such scanners have unquestionably detected small areas of abnormally cold temperatures, the cause of such areas is still under debate. A similar device used to find temperature anomalies is a thermal imaging scope. This allows an investigator to “see” the size and shape of a specific cold spot. Regular thermometers are often used along with these two instruments to monitor air temperature.

Another commonly-known piece of ghost hunting equipment is a motion detector. These can be based on laser technology or there are cameras available designed to take pictures only when triggered by some kind of movement.

Finally, some ghosts reportedly leave footprints and/or handprints in the areas where they reputedly haunt. Talcum powder or a similar substance can be scattered across floors, window ledges, countertops, etc., to see if a ghost leaves a trace of their presence.

This is only a small listing of ghost hunting equipment used in modern paranormal investigations. And these modern developments do not mean that classic methods such as psychic mediums and Ouija boards are no longer used. These are just new mechanisms used to attempt to answer mankind’s perennial quest to find evidence of an afterlife.

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