Nano the Cat – A Real Life Norwegian Catwoman

Nano the Cat Lives Her Life Like A Cat

Meet Nano the Cat. For much of her brief life, Nano was just another Norwegian teenage adolescent that wanted to fulfill her hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires. Five years ago, when she was 16 years of age, these hopes took a somewhat bizarre turn. She began to consider herself more than just another atypical teenage girl. Much more. Nano firmly began to consider herself to be a bonafide cat. She even took on a range of many feline mannerisms in her daily life.

In an interview that can be found on YouTube, Nano the Cat freely admits that for much of her life, she has always felt different. Different to others that is. Nano firmly believes that she has held feline tendencies throughout her whole life. Puberty puts things into perspective for her and made her realize that she is a cat trapped inside the body of a woman. Nano also believes that her own birth had something of a defect involved. To her, it is obvious that she is a cat and has been since she began to purr and meow. This feline behavior was extended when Nano began to exhibit further examples of cat-like routine, such as walking on all fours. Nano has developed her appearance with the addition of a tail, ears and mittens that are pink in color.

Cat Like Senses?

A psychologist that has studied Nano the catwoman and her mannerisms has given her the opportunity to grow out of this practice. But Nano is adamant that she wishes to remain a cat for the rest of her life. According to Nano, her eyesight and hearing has allowed her to hunt for mice in the dark. However, she has yet to catch one. Like many other felines, Nano the Cat says she has adverse reactions to water. She also does not like dogs. And she claims to be able to sleep on window sills or the kitchen sink. When taken on location to Oslo Train Station, Nano was challenged to prove that her hearing is an improvement over other people. Nano cited examples of suitcase wheels in contact with the ground, keys clinking together inside passengers pockets and footsteps on ice.

Just Eccentric or Unstable?

Nano the Cat insists that a friend of hers, a man called Sven, has a condition described as Personalities. One of these is a cat as well. They relate to each other, so the pair often meet in a local park to exchange feline greetings. Sven himself is not a cat, but one of the personalities he has is someone that shares the belief of being a cat.

nano the cat

Another video still of Nano the catwoman living the life of a cat.

Nano the Cat is not a unique case. Pao is another example of a woman that has adopted a feline lifestyle. Pao is a 25 year old Swedish woman who has felt that her personality is more suited to that of a cat than a person for twenty years now. Every day Pao will outfit herself in a custom made cat suit which is accessorized with items such as collars, a harness and even a leash. Pao will only consume food and drink from a bowl placed onto the floor. Pao also has a kindred spirit that shares her home. Both admit to laying on the couch together, cuddling or wrestling and other boring everyday stuff.

Public Opinions About Nano the Cat

Since Nano the Cat’s story broke at the turn of the year, public reaction has been mixed. Obvious opinions call her mental state into question. Others consider her story to be something not too far from a plea for attention. Supporters of Nano and how she chooses to live her life rightly suggest that she is not doing any harm to anyone. However, most do seem to be in agreement that Nano should not abandon her human side for her long-term benefit.

A lot of people do consider themselves to be different, but how many can claim with any justification that they were born the wrong species?

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