Five Real Ouija Board Experiences

The Ouija board made its first public appearance in February of 1891 at a Pittsburgh novelty and toy shop that described it as a “Wonderful Talking Board”; touting it as a recreational toy designed to provide you with never ending amusement. It got its name when Helen Peters asked the board what its name was and it spelled out Ouija and when asked what it meant the board then spelled out “good luck.”

ouija board experiences

The original Ouija board was created in 1894.

Is it nothing more than a toy? Well, according to Smithsonian Magazine, it was proven through the patent office before it was allowed to go on the market. Even today many psychologists have gone on record as saying it may indeed be a link of some sort between the unknown and the known.

Still doubtful? Then read on for five terrifying real Ouija Board experiences:

  • Angela Jackson, a single mother of two, desperately wished she had followed her father’s advice. She had always been interested in anything paranormal and she was considering using a Ouija board. Her father, who had died 20 years before, had begged her to not use the board as nothing good will come from it. Never the less, one night at a neighbor’s house they began fooling around with the board asking it who it wanted to talk to and it replied Angela; the board told her that she was going to be murdered by a man with a hammer. Then things started crashing around the room and a door slammed shut. Shortly after this incident, she awoke from a nightmare where a figure was chasing her with a hammer; the next evening while walking home she spotted a man behind her carrying a claw hammer who then attacked her until a stranger intervened. She did survive, but ended up with a fractured skull.
  • Roland, a young boy from Germany, is said to be the basis for the Exorcist movie; his aunt died when he was 13 and he began trying to use the Ouija board to contact her. After these sessions strange things started to happen around the house, strange sounds, religious artifacts moving and shaking along with scratches and what appeared to be carvings on the boy’s skin. Reverend Shultz took the boy for medical and psychological testing where all of the tests came back normal. While spending the night at the Reverend’s house “all hell” began to break loose and they performed an emergency exorcism. Eventually the Reverend, battered and bruised, was able to rid the demon from Roland.
  • In 1986 there were three high school kids that hung around together; two girls and one guy. The guy, Johnny, had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and was hospitalized. The girls would visit him often in order to help keep his spirits up. One night after visiting they went home and decided to try the Ouija board. After asking several banal questions they decided to ask about Johnny and his illness to which the board spelled out “24 June 1987”. They decided to write that information down and put it in an envelope, thinking that it would be the day Johnny would be disease free. They eventually remembered the envelope and opened it; 24 June 1987 is the exact day that Johnny died.
  • A young man had an aunt that never married and when asked why she would not say. The young man’s father told him this story: his aunt had been about 17 and became pretty serious with her boyfriend. When playing on the Ouija board she asked if her and her boyfriend would get married and it told her No. She then asked if they were going to break up and again it said No, then she asked if one of them was going to die and this time it said Yes. When she asked which one was going to die it simply said Good Bye. A few days later her boyfriend had a wood chipper accident at the mill and died.
  • Herbert and Nellie were living a normal life until Nellie began to play on her Ouija board and summoned a spirit. The spirit told her that her husband was having an affair and was giving this other woman quite a bit of money. Nellie began to burn, beat and torture Herbert on a daily basis. She was trying to get him to confess that the Ouija board was right. Finally Herbert snapped and killed her. That definitely put a stop to the torture.

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There are some rules that need to be followed when using a Ouija board and the most important one is that every time you end a session you have to tell it “Good Bye”; you do not want to know what happens if you forget to do it.

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