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People and Groups

Everyone reads the sensational magazine headlines while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. There is something fascinating about other people’s inspirations, scandals, and mysteries, and the voyeurs in all of us love to take a little peek into the lives of others. In this section, you will be able to experience all of that as you read about noteworthy folks and groups of all types. Some of those people have done amazing and unusual things, while others have done ghastly acts. Go inside the most secret organizations, like scandalous The Hellfire Club of the 1700s. Find out what happened to some of the most intriguing disappearances of all time, such as that of Amelia Earhart. Enjoy real life spy stories. Discover strange facts about famous individuals or delve into the world of isolated native tribes, like those on North Sentinel Island. Travel the world of civilization and society as they pertain to humans from long ago or to those currently in the news. Venture into the category of people and groups, and learn their stories.

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