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Belle Starr: The Midwestern Bandit Queen of the 1800s

Belle Starr was not a likely young woman for becoming an outlaw. Born in 1848 in Missouri, her parents were fairly well off and Belle went to a female academy for refined studies. But she entered a life of crime and became one of the few female outlaws in history. It wasn't until 1960 that she ...

Who Was The Poe Toaster?

The ritual of the Poe Toaster is simple. He approaches the monument left in the grave's stead, puts three red roses on the stone with an open cognac bottle.

Robert Johnson and the Devil

Did Robert Johnson and the Devil make a pact so he could obtain guitar playing talent? Read how Robert Johnson's life is shrouded with three mysteries

Jerome of Nova Scotia

Despite living for years at a time with local families, Jerome of Nova Scotia never bonded with anybody. He would spend much of his time crouching next the stove.

The Mercy Brown Vampire Story

Opening Mercy’s coffin, the onlookers were shocked to see that Mercy’s body was in pristine condition. Read the real Mercy Brown vampire story.

Historic Mysteries