Seemingly Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case, these images do not give the full story. Inspired by a recent post on Reddit, here are some seemingly normal photos with terrifying backstories.

At first glance, they appear much like any other photo found in photo albums or on social media pages. But once the details surrounding the images become known, they convey a much darker and sinister feeling.

Seemingly Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Not every picture tells a story, and these stories are terrifying.

 1.  A Hike Through the Panamanian Jungle

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

A photo taken of Kris Kremers (L) and Lisanne Froon (R) as they start their hike.

On April 1, 2014, 21-year old Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, 22, vanished after taking a three-mile hike in the Panamanian jungle. About ten weeks after their disappearance, a Ngobe woman found the blue backpack belonging to Lisanne. The contents appeared to be undisturbed, but the mystery deepened after taking a close look at their cell phones and camera found inside the backpack. It appears that something went terribly wrong moments after they started their hike. When Kris and Lisanne’s cell phones were examined, it showed that each of the girls attempted to reach both Dutch and Panamanian police dozens of times starting at around 4:39 p.m. on April 1, 2014.

Because of the poor reception, they were never able to make any contact. Lisanne’s cell phone battery finally died on April 5th and Kris’ phone was switched off for good on April 11th. Approximately 33 bones have been recovered to date, including Kris’ pelvis and Lisanne’s foot found still inside of her boot. There are many theories as to what may have happened to these two young women, but unfortunately, the case remains unsolved.

2. A Walk on the Tracks

Seemingly Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Libby German snapped this cell phone picture of Abby Williams walking on a train track. This image was taken shortly before they were both mysteriously murdered.

On February 13, 2017, Liberty (Libby) German, 14, and Abigail (Abby) Williams, 13, were brutally murdered after taking a walk on Monon High Railroad Bridge in Delphi, Indiana. Their bodies were found the following day about a half mile from the bridge. However, the only real clues as to what happened are the images and recordings police found on Libby’s cell phone.

Libby apparently found it important to record this man with her cell phone. He may be the same man whose voice was recorded by Libby and the last person to see them alive.  Police would like your help in identifying who he is.

Libby German recorded the voice of an unidentified man saying “Down the hill.”

3. School Class Photo

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Columbine High School Class Photo 1999.  Click image to expand.

The picture shown above is a typical class photo found in any yearbook. What makes this photo unique is that it’s the Columbine High School Class of 1999 photo. It was at this Colorado school that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold brutally massacred 12 students and one teacher before committing suicide on April 20, 1999. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are quite easy to find in this class photo. They are both located at the top left making a shooting gesture to the camera. Perhaps they were giving a subtle hint on what they were soon planning to do.

4.  Candid Photo of Chris Benoit

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Last photo of Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit was a professional Canadian wrestler who was loved by many fans. On June 24, 2007, a fan took this cell phone picture of Chris Benoit after noticing him in Dr. Phil Astin’s waiting room in Carrollton, Georgia. Later that evening, Chris would go home and kill his wife and 7-year old son before committing suicide.

5. Shower Photo

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Travis Alexander photographed in the shower.

On June 4, 2008, Travis Alexander’s girlfriend, Jodi Ann Arias snapped a few pictures of Travis while he was in the shower. On June 9, 2008, Travis’ bloody body was discovered in the shower after his friends went looking for him. Travis had been stabbed 29 times, his throat was slit and he was shot in the head. Jodi was charged and convicted of his murder.  On April 13, 2014, Jodi Arias was sentenced to life in prison. Knowing that Travis died moments after this image was taken, one can’t help looking into his eyes and wondering if he knew what was getting ready to happen.

6. Tourist Photo

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

A Spanish family visiting Omagh, Northern Ireland took this photo of their trip.

On August 15, 1998, a group of Spanish tourists visited Omagh, Northern Ireland. The photo above is of a Spanish man with a child on his shoulders. It’s a typical photo most people take when they are with children and traveling on vacation. What the photo does not show, is a powerful bomb located inside the red Vauxhall Cavalier car which explodes moments later. The bomb was planted by the Real Republican Irish Army and killed 29 people. Both the man and child survived. Unfortunately, the woman who took the photo was killed.

7. Scuba Diving

Normal Photos with Terrifying Backstories

Photo taken during Gabe and Tina Watson’s scuba diving excursion in Queensland, Australia.

The photo above was taken on October 22, 2003, when Gabe and Tina Watson were scuba diving off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It was their honeymoon and a quick glance of this photo seems to indicate they are enjoying their adventure. However, upon further examination, you can see Tina Watson appearing to be in distress. She is laying on the seabed and appears unconscious. Another diver on the left appears to be moving towards her to assist. Prior to the honeymoon, Gabe Watson allegedly asked Tina to increase her life insurance and make him the sole beneficiary. At the trial, prosecutors theorized that Gabe shut off Tina’s air supply while they were diving and held her in a bear hug until she died. They continued that Gabe then turned the air back on and released Tina. This image was taken moments after she drifted to the seafloor.

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