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about submit an articleWould you like to submit an article to our site?  Historic Mysteries is a website devoted to our mysterious past.  Article range from the latest archaeological discoveries to unsolved criminal cases which shook the world.  Our staff is rather small and the amount of topics to cover is immense!  We urge all visitors who appreciate this subject to not only register on our quickly expanding website, but to also contribute articles on historical events that are surrounded by intrigue, mystery or just plain unusual!

Although we cannot pay you for your literary contribution, you do reap some benefits for publishing your article on our site.  Your article will reach an ever growing audience who share the same interests as you.   Mystery aficionados will discuss your story through posted comments and share your article on various social medias.  These actions will not only help you gauge viewer interest, but also provide you enormous exposure and create interest in your future works.

We are a mature and respectable group of history aficionados, so rest assured that comments will be positive in nature and your articles will be most welcomed on our site!  Furthermore, all comments are moderated to ensure they live up to the guidelines established on this website.

All article submissions must follow these rules:

  • Article must be unique and your own work.
  • Article must be 700+ words (preferably 1000).
  • Researched with references documented.
  • If a photo is included, please list copyright/owner information.
  • Please avoid referencing work that is questionable in nature or cannot be confirmed as actually occurring.
  • The article cannot be previously published elsewhere online.
  • The author must also be registered on this site and include a short bio and photo.

If this interests you, please contact us before registration so we can begin the process to make you a Historic Mysteries author.

How Do I Become an Author on Historic Mysteries?

These are the steps you have to take in order to publish an article on Historic Mysteries

  1. Contact us and tell  us you wish to become an author on Historic Mysteries
  2. Please include a 2 paragraph excerpt of the article you wish to publish.  This excerpt must be unique and not currently available online.
  3. We will then contact you with our decision and any additional instructions.
  4. If we inform you of your selection, you will be asked to provide us a user name you wish to use for your account.
  5. When your account is created, please add a 3-4 sentence biography on your Historic Mysteries profile.
  6. Add your photo to the profile.

Don’t worry if you see a topic already covered on this site.  We would love to see your perspective and any other additional information not already covered in previous articles.

Please remember that only the Historic Mysteries Staff can, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide if your article will be published on the site and how long it will remain on the site.  By submitting your content, you  grant us a royalty-free, unrestricted, worldwide license to display your article.

How Do I Submit an Article on Historic Mysteries?

As an author you will be granted additional privileges on Historic Mysteries.  When you login, you have the ability to write your article on our WordPress system.  Knowledge of WordPress is required, and if you need assistance we can help.  Alternatively, you can submit an article via email. However, you have more creative control if using our WordPress system.

We thank you for considering publishing your article on Historic Mysteries and we look forward to reading your work!

With appreciation,
The Historic Mysteries Staff

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