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The Roswell New Mexico UFO Incident


FBI Memorandum Regarding the Roswell Incident

The Roswell UFO Incident was the crash landing of a UFO on a farm in Roswell, New Mexico. Official reports state that the UFO is no longer unidentified. Some conspiracy theorists say the same, but that it has been identified as an alien spacecraft of sorts. Other conspiracy theorists say we do not know what it is, but the government is lying about it and so are some of the witnesses. The crash took place in July of 1947, but conflicting witness statements, alleged related crashes and top-secret military practices have kept the incident open to interpretation. Many people claim to have it solved, but no one can provide evidence of their claim in the form of the actual craft.

In early July of 1947, a few witnesses claimed they saw a UFO in the air. It was a hexagonal disc suspended from a balloon. A few days later, Mac Bruzel found some debris on his farm. He initially said that it looked like sticks, tinfoil, rubber and tough paper. His daughter later said roughly the same thing, but included tape in her assessment. Both of Bruzel’s sons would later say that some of the material had unknown writing on it. One said it looked like Chinese or Japanese characters. The other said it looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs without the animals.

The initial, and seemingly only, FBI correspondence regarding the incident described the balloon and disc. It went on to say that it sounded like a weather balloon attached to a radar reflector. It is important to note that this is the immediate reaction and tentative conclusion of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Either they hid their suspicion very well or they had no reason to be suspicious of the materials and UFO. They even had knowledge of the debris being shipped to Wright Field. That was the end of it. They said no further investigation was necessary and no more correspondence regarding the incident has been released. However, there is a memo in the FBI vault that some believe regards an incident related to that at Roswell.

There is a letter to the FBI Director from Special Agent Guy Hottel dated March 22, 1950. The memo states that an Air Force investigator claimed the Air Force was in possession of three flying saucers approximately 50 feet around, which they found in New Mexico. He said that inside of each disc was a trio of 3-foot tall humanoids wearing metallic suits — all of them dead. Local radar interference reportedly played a role in crashing these three alleged alien spacecraft. Interestingly, that memo is the only public paper regarding the incident. It is curiously blasé as well. It ended in a way that suggested no further investigation would be conducted. Is the rest of the correspondence still top secret? Did they think the USAF investigator was nuts? Was the crash in or near Roswell, New Mexico? None of those questions has been answered.

In the years that followed, the Roswell story fell into relative obscurity. Then, the story regained popularity and new testimony turned up everywhere. Witnesses were interviewed for books and television. What came out of these interviews only deepened the mystery. Major Marcel, the man who loaded the Roswell debris onto a plane, said that the materials seemed otherworldly and that there were strange hieroglyphs on some of it. He also said that the writing was a pinkish color. Bruzel’s son said the same thing. Marcel stated that there were no bodies in the vicinity, terrestrial or otherwise. Other witness reports cropped up that there were bodies or that there were no bodies in Roswell, but there were other crashes nearby that yielded bodies. In short, the Roswell incident just got bigger and the stories got more fantastic. There were also reports that the military swarmed the area and were aggressive about putting down stories of the event.

An official inquiry into the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Incident conducted in the late 20th century turned up a top-secret military operation that involved building balloons like that seen Roswell. This would explain the military’s alleged efforts to squash the story. The investigation went on to say that conflicting and wild witness statements were probably the result of hoaxes and memory issues. That latter part is pure speculation, which is why the Roswell mystery persists to this day.

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