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by Jim H

About Us

Cool history and unexplained mysteries fascinate everyone. At Historic Mysteries, we aim to bring you a broad range of topics out of the annals of history by providing comprehensive and enlightening articles. Subjects range from different types of unsolved mysteries around the world, such as crimes and unexplained deaths, to legends, science, and archaeology. We might even bring you a great historical piece if there’s an intriguing story behind it, or we could throw in just a little bit of the fringe and bizarre. You’ll find both famous and obscure historic mysteries and tales.

We hope you have plenty of time to check out our site. You’re about to delve into some of the most bizarre and sometimes eerie historical mysteries that could keep you reading for hours.

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Getting all the correct facts in any historical mystery or event can be a huge endeavor in this world of Internet misinformation and hype. Although we attempt to cover as much detail as possible in one article, sometimes we just don’t catch it all. This is where your comments may add greater value to an article if it’s missing some bits of information. So add some insightful comments and each article will become more detailed and interesting. It is also a great way to connect with other people who share your interests.

Our commenting system is run by Facebook, which eliminates the need for you to have to register on this site.  If you have a Facebook account, you can start commenting on Historic Mysteries right away. After all, interacting, providing your perspective, and learning together about these fascinating subjects is what it’s all about.

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