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Major Crimes in History

When you look into the twisted mind of a killer, something is different. Something has snapped. But what is it? What pushes some people to lose all sense of humanity and decency?

Over 200,000 cases of murder remain unsolved since 1980. It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 murders will never come to justice in the U.S. alone. Major crimes fascinate us. We all want the murderers to be found so they can pay for what they do. And it’s always daunting and disturbing when they elude justice. Are some murderers just highly intelligent and very good at covering their tracks? Who were the people who committed these crimes? How did they get away with murder? Is there really such a thing as the perfect crime? This section is a vast compilation of some of the most interesting major crimes in history. Read about how they were committed and why the stories still resonate with us today. But proceed with caution: some of these stories are heinous and very gory, and may include dismemberment, cannibalism, and organ removal.

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