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History Revealed

History can teach us so many things and tell us fascinating stories of all kinds. As we peer into the lives and events of the past, it is almost as if we are taking a voyeuristic journey in a time machine. Once there, you can choose your favorite subjects to delve into further. Perhaps you have a penchant for crimes, Roman architecture, or cataclysmic events. Looking back helps us to understand our society as it is now and shows us exactly where we have come from and what has shaped us. We learn what mistakes to never repeat and how to create a better humanity. History can be downright funny, it can be entertaining, it can be scandalous. It doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t only educate. It inspires, disgusts, mystifies, and even titillates. This section documents stories and pieces of the past that are not necessarily mysteries, but that still intrigue us.

Historic Mysteries