History Revealed

History can teach us so many things and tell us fascinating stories of all kinds. As we peer into the lives and events of the past, it is almost as if we are taking a voyeuristic journey in a time machine. Once there, you can choose your favorite subjects to delve into further. Perhaps you have a penchant for crimes, Roman architecture, or cataclysmic events. Looking back helps us to understand our society as it is now and shows us exactly where we have come from and what has shaped us. We learn what mistakes to never repeat and how to create a better humanity. History can be downright funny, it can be entertaining, it can be scandalous. It doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t only educate. It inspires, disgusts, mystifies, and even titillates. This section documents stories and pieces of the past that are not necessarily mysteries, but that still intrigue us.

The History of Christmas Carols

The history of Christmas carols stems from a time when people sang songs during Winter Solstice celebrations and evolved into the festive caroling of today.

The History of Magic from Dark Art to Pop Entertainment

The history of magic has been a rollercoaster ride over the last 5000 years. In its earliest form, it inspired surprise and wonder but later was something dark and fearful. Beginning in the 19th century, magic transformed from an unorthodox practice into an entertainment art form that attracts ...

The Role and Power of Women in Ancient Egypt

The roles of women in ancient Egypt and their ability to ascend to positions of power varied through history. Women could own and bequeath land and choose their spouses. At times, they ruled as revered queens or pharoahs. However, after Cleopatra died, the role of women receded markedly and ...

Oxyrhynchus Papyri: Historical Treasure in Ancient Egyptian Garbage

Discovered in the Fayum Basin west of the Nile, the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, dating from the 3rd century BCE to the 7th century CE, are the most significant deposit of ancient writings ever found. Among the documents are lost works of literature and nearly half the Christian papyrus texts in existence ...

The Terracotta Army: Earthen Soldiers of China’s First Emperor

Around 210 BCE, the First Emperor of China built a Terracotta Army to place in his magnificent city-sized mausoleum. In 1974, archaeologists discovered over 8,000 soldiers buried in Lintong, Shaanxi, China, and over the last 40 years, their work has been revealing the amazing details of the earthen ...

The Copernicus Grave Mystery: Rediscovering a Genius

For more than 400 years, the bones of Nicolaus Copernicus were lost to history. A number of people, including Napoleon and the Nazis, attempted to find his grave, but to no avail. Then in 2008, investigators announced the rediscovery of the brilliant astronomer who was once deemed a heretic for his ...

Poveglia Island’s Haunting History

Poveglia Island is one of 166 islets in the Venice Lagoon off the eastern coast of Northern Italy. Locals are afraid of the place and say it's an "island of ghosts," cursed with dark spirits. Its disturbingly macabre history filled with death is the reason people call it one of the most haunted ...

Who Really Discovered America?

History books taught for many years that Columbus discovered America. Today, most people know this is not the case, but then who really discovered America?

Historic Mysteries