Archaeological Mysteries of the World

Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory using artifacts found from excavations around the world. Analyses of those artifacts can reveal much about the culture and lifestyle of our distant ancestors. As technology advances, we are able to learn so much more. But the historic mysteries of archaeology never end. We show you ancient architectural structures all around the world and examine their secrets. We also cover some anthropology in this section and delve into the lives of ancient people. This includes ancient cultures, beliefs, and their unique origins.

If you often ask yourself “why?” you will find that this Historic Mysteries section will provide leading theories about many of history’s archaeological secrets. How did early man build such impressive and sophisticated civilizations that formed the precursors of modern day society? You’ll find long lost and forgotten topics, as well as current archaeology, to keep you abreast of intriguing finds. So kick back and take a journey into the past and browse our collection of articles that are sure to spark your curiosity and love of the historic mysteries of archaeology.

The Celtic Prince of Lavau and His Opulent Tomb

Greek and Etruscan works of art and amphorae, a chariot, luxurious gold jewels, amber and coral relics, and an ornate cauldron with Greek mythological figures filled the tomb of the Celtic Prince of Lavau. His discovery in 2015 was the most important find for French archaeologists since they ...

Historic Mysteries