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The roles of women in ancient Egypt and their ability to ascend to positions of power varied through history. Women could own and bequeath land and choose ...

Egyptology is a field of study, like Biology. How did one country earn this distinction? Learn how the history of Egypt led to a huge branch of knowledge.

British archaeologist Nicolas Reeves has put forth a theory regarding the possibility of Queen Nefertiti being laid to rest in the tomb of King Tut.

Historians are today compiling a list of some 300 women of history, including Hypatia who have made valuable contributions to the world in which they lived.

There are individuals whose needs were so profound that monumental efforts were put forth in the destruction of history to put forth their nefarious wishes.

Thomas Jefferson and Sun Yat-Sen, living just over 100 years apart, shared similar experiences and circumstances as Founding Fathers.

Apart from making money, what are the motivations for someone to make copies of things and call them their own? Here, we look at the psychology of forgers.

It is possible that Akhenaten became more seriously disturbed and irrational behavior could have been observed in all areas of his life.

How did the nephews of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky influence the lives and music of the composers, and what was the significance of their relationships.

Long before ancient coinage was backed up with bulk gold, they had to stand on their own metal value. Lets review the history of the use of coins.

Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius were Roman emperors who differed greatly from the others. Many historians agree that they were both very good rulers.

So what is the thread that runs through the fabric of the personality of the tyrant, the psychological features in common and how can they be identified.

This was a time when the lines of communication between young and old was at its peak. We need to somehow return to campfire communication.

Alexander the Great and George Washington. What do these two gentlemen have in common? They were both opposed to having their portrait on currency.

There is evidence that those in skilled in medicine and dentistry in ancient Egypt practiced what today is considered to be highly skilled techniques.

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