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Brian Bethel and the Black Eyed Kids

As this concept is fairly new to the site, perhaps it is wise to spend some time explaining what Black Eyed Kids really are, and why they are so fearsome. Amongst the most feared entities of all time, the black eyed kids (or BEKs) are described as kids aged from 9 to 16, with otherwise normal physique and behavior, but completely out-of-the-world eyes. Their eyes, without any distinguishable pupil, iris or schlera, are pitch-black, something like the evil entities from Grudge- the movie. They appear in either normal or a bit old-fashioned clothes, and are said to speak in a tone too mature for their age. They generally appear lost and helpless before your house or car, making an insistent request to be let in. For some reason, witnesses report feeling an inexplicable fear in their vicinity, even before noticing their diabolic eyes, and are mostly found fleeing the scene immediately. The children allegedly use some low-level hypnotism, for people often report unconsciously letting them into their property, right before noticing their eyes and thereby fleeing.

black eye kids

Black Eye Kids by martin andre sæther. CC BY-SA 4.0

This particular article recounts the story of Brian Bethel, a reputed veteran journalist and columnist at Reporter-News, which took place in 1996, and is the earliest known BEK encounter in the record.

On a spring or summer evening in 1996, Bethel was making his way to his Internet Service Provider Camalott Communications’ office on North 1st Street in Alibene Texas, to pay off his bills. As he innocently scribbled on a check in the dimly lit area before the theatres, intending to drop it in the office’s drop slot, little did he know that this was to be his most frightening night ever. He was seated in his car at the parking lot, when two boys aged 9 to 12 came knocking at his window. The boys, as he described them, were “a somewhat suave, olive-skinned, curly-headed young man” and “a redheaded, pale-skinned, freckled young man“. The boys wore hooded pullovers. The first boy explained that the two of them had come to watch a premier of “Mortal Kombat” at the theatre, but had forgotten their money in their mother’s house. They, therefore, requested a ride to their mother’s house to fetch their money and get back to the theatre. All the while as conversation ensued, Bethel was consumed by an irrational fear. The boy tried to convince him with assurances like: “It wouldn’t take long, they were just two little kids, they didn’t have a gun or anything.” Bethel subconsciously reached out to open his car door, when he suddenly broke his vision of the boy, and came to notice his coal-black eyes, eyes he described as “The sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.” Trying to keep his behavior normal, bethel muttered a few excuses, pulled at the gear, and rushed away with his car. As he stared at the rear-view mirror, he found that the children had just vanished, within seconds.

Bethel’s incidence had allegedly taken place from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. that night, an incident he could never forget. Bethel began sending private emails to a trusted few about his experiences, but soon his story spread like wildfire on the internet. Thus, the personal experience of this famed journalist was soon shared by thousands of others, some legit, some fake, but enough for the BEKs to be regarded as a modern paranormal phenomenon.

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  • Concern

    When I was in my late twenties, I had a beautiful six year old daughter named Amber McNeely. One day Amber’s mother Teresa, who had two other children vanished. No one, no relatives, friends or any of Teresa’s children’s fathers ever saw them again. Now we find out that in 1996 Teresa married BEK Author David Weatherly. David and Teresa Weatherly gave the children fake names. And constantly moved around the country so as not to be found. Even knowing this, no one can find any of our loved ones. Why is there no trace of any of them anywhere? If they are hiding, what are they hiding from?

  • Jackal Redpaws

    I think I got a story to tell. I saw this report on destination america… and it brought back a chilling tale from 2008.

    I was living In philadelphia at the time.

    A few of my friends, 3 and myself decided to venture to west philadelphia late at night.

    We ended up at this neighborhood area about 11pm to 12 am in the morning. The street had few abandoned homes in pristine shape on its street. Some still decorated with furniture etc. My friends wwent into one. While they were inside, I decoded to toss a rock towards the house for fun. It scared them. They came out.

    Here’s where your story about black eyed kid’s kickes in.

    Just as we were talking… we look out into the distance about half a block away. We see this teenager in a hood.. well more like a tshirt and jeans with shoes. He was African American for sire or at least what we saw.

    When we didn’t move.. he started to jog towards us.. we got this intense fear over our bodies. I look back and what I saw was not norml.

    Unlike the hooded children.. he had no hood.. he was about 18 to 17 years of age.. his face was pail brown colored… but dark as the night would allow it to be. His eyes.. we’re black as coal. And he was not smiling. The off thing was he was carring a knife… All we heard were running foot steps coming towards us.. we ran as fast as we could and made it to saftey.. once we made it 2 blocks away.. I looked back and no one was there. The person disapeared.. and that feeling of fear deminished away. That was a wierd experience. I think maybe they are related somehow or a very evil presence… idk

    • Matt

      Thanks for the share! As interesting if not more so than the original and good to hear nothing came of it but some intense fright.

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