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time travelTime travel is a concept that has most likely existed ever since man has realized his own mistakes and wished he could change them. Philosophers, physicists and authors popularized it. There are several theories that suggest time travel is possible. There are also basic human activities that prove time travel is possible. However, time travel as it occurs in fiction and time travel that actually moves you backward in time is simply out of our reach, thus far.

There are a few ways that we know time travel is possible, though they are very basic and are only perceptive or based on our definition of time zones. For example, a person on an aircraft is traveling forward in time because of the speed of the craft. They may even move forward in time through time zones. A person who stands on the edge of a time zone, walks through and then walks back is technically going forward and backward in time, but that is not really what is meant by time travel, though it technically fits the definition.

The special theory of relativity is a theory published by Einstein in 1905. In the most simplistic of terms, as it relates to this topic, Einstein postulated that time is relative. In other words, the length and speed of time can change depending on the observer, gravity and speed. Essentially, Einstein was saying that time can change; whereas it was initially thought that time was a fixed thing. Everything spent its time at the same rate. Nothing could change it. It appears now that is incorrect.

Einstein paved way for the idea that speed and gravity can affect age and, basically, how fast a clock ticks. In this way, a person can age faster at high rates of speed. A clock will tick slower depending on position and gravity. In this way, time has changed. These are the very basics of the idea. Any advanced discussion on time travel would be quite complicated to the layman. However, even at is most complicated, Einstein said nothing about moving backward in time. All of his ideas dealt with the concept of moving forward in time, which it is now clear is possible. Of course, we are always moving forward in time, but we are always in the same “present” as well.

Moving backward in time would not only be cool, it would be essential if we wanted to build very fast spaceships and man them. If we cannot move backward in time, the people on any of these hypothetical super fast spaceships would only go forward in time. They would be unable to go backward in time, reversing the effects that fast spaceships would theoretically have on time. There are a few theories about how this could be done. However, none of them could be put into use, even if we knew they worked.

The Cylinder Theory is one theory regarding backwards travel through time that we know is impossible, barring technological advances that we can scarcely imagine. Even then, it is doubtful that this theory will ever be put to the test. The idea is that an infinitely long and dense cylinder could bend time around itself by spinning at half the speed of light. If a ship were to travel around that cylinder, the ship and its occupants would travel backward through time. Just the idea of building an infinitely long cylinder is absurd without imagining what mechanism would make it turn so fast.

Two theories that are based on things that are not known to exist are the Wormhole Theory and the Cosmic String Theory. The former suggests that a person could travel through time in a black hole. These theoretical black holes are known as wormholes because they open up in two different “times.” You enter in one time and come out in another. The Cosmic String Theory revolves around thin strings of energy in the universe that could hypothetically bend and send you through time, in a nutshell.

A group of scientists reportedly sent a laser beam back in time by forcing it to travel faster than the speed of light, which was previously thought to be the fastest speed possible. The beam reportedly left a compartment it was shot into before it even entered it. This seems a bit more like traveling forward and then perhaps backward in time.

It is a far stretch to think this even comes close to making time travel possible. A person cannot travel faster than the speed of light. It is highly likely that some phenomena would be the result of any such thing. We cannot make an infinite cylinder and such things as wormholes and cosmic strings probably do not exist. Even if they did, they would still be uncontrollable methods of time travel. How could you tell a cosmic string of energy when to take you?

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  • Rodney Kawecki



    What is E=mq²

    They Thought He Couldn’t Do It !
    But he has !

    The difference between a beam of light and mass……………………….

    This problem in relativity is problematic…meaning having to do with equal math not mass….v has no mass at all therefore it cannot formulate with c which in this equation
    c equals e used for force or propulsion which is its value of course e does have mass but that doesn’t mean c can’t be pushed faster than c…does it? In Einstein’s equations v has a limit because of e energy, which means e is limited by v – all the energy in the world can’t exceed c in relativity seems to mean no energy no matter how great cannot exceed the speed of light c/v.

    From the last few paragraphs you have just read lets rethink the impossibility.
    Relativity says e would have to have infinite mass. But from the earlier paragraphs in SPACE the vacuum in an empty field meaning away from any celestial mass astronomically far away from any celestial mass the (space)field measures zero density. Our ship in such a field also measures zero because there exist no greater density than that of the field space we are traveling through and are in. Our ship will therefore not increase in mass because the field density never changes – it is neither greater because of a planet atmosphere density nor is it less because of such change in field density.
    Since the gravity density of space is zero an infinite amount of e is interchangeable with the zero point density of the space field. What this means is our ship in earths 1G
    field density to travel close to the speed of light needs a specific amount of
    propulsion capacity. On earth that amount measures c. v the velocity we want to
    reach because space and (weight) cause by friction or gravity are interchangeable defined measurable by the density of the field which equals f and because the density of earth’s gravity field is equal to 1G, the target v/c is reached in earth’s gravity field where e is achieved. In relativity Einstein assumes that gravity is the same everywhere in the universe, that any change in the density of the field has no affect on the speed of the object. But we know that friction occurs and there exist an attraction on any object moving along the earth’s surface. We also know that what goes up also comes down. In relativity the c components of light which are the lack of mass in an ordinary object – are not affected by g which is gravity so c is the fastest
    anything can travel.

    This logic is so easy to understand yet seems not believable because of r which is
    relativity. In r (relativity) Einstein talks about light having zero mass yet
    it is not light that is traveling at v/e, it is mass and mass we know that
    travels through g that we measure as 1G that slows the acceleration of
    the moving body does so at a specific rate. We observe Newton’s
    laws on earth and the constant of 1G to measure 9.8 meters a second. So an object
    on are planet’s surface all objects fall at a specific speed. Therefore e of a
    mass in free fall all abort weight which is converted to mass during momentum
    or acceleration of the object.

    In space we rely on e as are common denominator when we defer the velocity of m, mass in space. Since the department of the space in the universe density is zero or 0G the stress both physical and kinetic value of e is changed from 1G on earth to 0G
    in space. W which is also lifted out from the equation due to e which on earth
    is comparable to e in space e becomes e2. In relativity E=mc². ( E?=m°c/v)

    E in space equals zero. M the mass of the vessel in space also equals zero. c/v are

    E (also meaning propulsion value source) on earth at 1G equals 2e ( or e + e = 2E)
    instead of e°. e + g = 2E. In space where the g density of the field is
    zero (g°) e now equals 2E. In space 2E =m° c/v. at the speed of light. 2E
    equals q in space equals c/v² where q because of (2E m°c²) E=mq where q in
    space is equal with 2E (e – g = 2E) q equals 2E v is 372,000 miles a

    E=mq (q/v)

    Gravity is measured by the density of the field in question if the field density is different than some other measurement G changes. At celestial planetary scaled usually based on a planet the density of the vacuum doesn’t change it is the density of the planet atmosphere its density from which its gravity measurement is equated.

    On earth e the energy needed to propel to light speed e of an equal force to propel against g gravity was also needed. E becomes 2E. In space where m mass equals zero is not changed by any reason effecting e (e/m) energy mass on earth which was
    the force of g gravity in space v the velocity of our vessel having 2E (2e=mc)
    the speed of the ship has the ability to travel twice the speed of light with no real changes in relativity except the extension of e. If indeed the problem of infinite mass in relativity does exist in empty space it will at E=mq square you make the choice.
    Problems in the Hubble Model?

    The bubble theory in Hubble Theory is an inflating balloon – the problem lays in
    where is the pressure coming into the bubble at. Galaxies all seem to have a dark black hole at the deepest area of the galactic Milky Way Galaxy. Observations of Hubble’s Inflating Balloon model shows a balloon inflation putting a mouth piece to inflate his balloon. My next book tells this story about our Universe but expands it as a point of origin. There should theoretically be a black hole for its nucleus somewhere preferably at the center of the universe leading into unknown territory the galactic model tells us that point and origin also rethought in my next book. So what’s the
    difference between the galaxies and the universe singularity theories? I explain more on that in my next book. (Looking for advance publisher for my next title).

    How the universe conserves its energy is also explained in this new book.

    Referring back to E=mq which acts as a bi-product to special relativity and E=mc .. the earliest theories on energy and power mechanics disclose the proof in E=mq but like history doesn’t explain everything about everything how a ship travels 80 years
    into the Infinite Future in Albert Einstein’s space ship is a bi-product of his
    literature not originally a bi-product of its mathematics. (Albert Einstein’s Universe Book by this Author) See there just isn’t the problem that Einstein can travel into the future but there’s also the problem of the travel it seems doesn’t exist in his scientific studied literature.

    My next book will answer a lot of left over’ question about the universe’s origin using the Hubble model and expanding on Einstein’s speed of light made of LIGHT space ship in detail as shown in this article…

    You should understand that the arithmetic in these equations are based on the first power of energy. Meaning that the manner by which energy is defined in the general science and the manner the equations were deciphered for it – allows this new theory on the speed of light and space travel to equate in the formula it predicts as it is written. The mathematics in this new theory are formulated on that order for mass and energy at c which changes in The Quanta Physics Theory by this author….

  • Rodney Kawecki

    Einstein developed a theory that barriers time events of the past and future based on a speed limit he decided upon because LIGHT traveled at a certain speed. No slower no faster and with no mass he condemed the world to the speed light travels at. I am sure there exist other things like particles that travel faster. Dr Wang boosted a electron 300 times faster than light based on planck units deciphered to equal light speed for example .. boosting a particle to twice light speed can be measured by boosting thev particle at a half a second rather then using a full second of time. The speed of light in half a second – is logical. A digital wrist watch uses metrix system having smaller length intervals but no one questioned this action in 1905. The sun maintains enough energy the size of the earth fits ten thousand times its mass inside it but even that much energy retains the Einstein speed light as used in E=m/s c1,000 … but even that much energy becomes infinite pushing a ship in space. ROD KAWECKI

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