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Ukraine’s Mutant Spider

by Les Hewitt

Internet reports of what may or may not be an urban myth regarding a Ukraine’s Mutant Spider began to circulate a little over 20 years ago. What follows is said to have taken place in the latter half of 1990.

First Victim

According to reports, the body of a man was found slumped against the wall of an elevator within a certain tower block in the Ukraine. The corpse was discovered with a pair of puncture marks on his neck, each with a bruise that was blue-yellow in color. All of the victim’s skin was pale. At the post-mortem examination, his cause of death was determined to be a combination of severe blood loss and shock. As much as 1.5 liters of blood was said to be missing from the body, yet none was found in or around the lift he was discovered in. No signs of forced entry were found either. Other residents in the block either began or fueled the rumors that an unknown vampire was loose within the tower block. The Authorities weren’t about to accept a fanciful tale like that.

mutant spider

Was the giant spider a product of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster? Image credit: canstockphoto.

Second Victim

About a month after the first victim was found, another was discovered. This time the victim was a 13 year old girl who became trapped in the elevator between the 4th and 5th floors. Witnesses heard her frantic screams and summoned the police once more. The local police force brought with them a small team of firefighters in case they were required to gain emergency access to the elevator. The girl was found in an identical manner to the previous victim before her.

With a second death attributed to persons or thing unknown, residents feared further attacks and refused to use the elevator again. Leonid Keernev, former KGB Propaganda Minister, was of the opinion that the latest victim had suffered a fatal overdose of heroin – even though there was no syringe discovered. Naturally the girl’s parents denied this conclusion vehemently and even went as far as to threaten legal action against him.

Setting a Trap

Of course, none of this got anyone any closer to discovering what exactly was happening. It was determined that the best, and maybe only, chance to do that was to set a trap for the perpetrator. For 3 days, a Detective and a Sargent rode the elevator constantly. Both were armed with pistols, torches and radios. The elevator rose steadily until it reached a point midway between the 5th and 6th floors. It abruptly halted its ascent and the interior lights failed. Both men reverted to their torches and stood ready to act for several minutes. Nothing seemed to be happening, other than what they began to consider was a routine breakdown of the elevator car. That was until they both heard a peculiar clicking noise that was coming from above them.

Training their torches upwards, they caught a glimpse of something. It was a dark shape in the form of a square and was easily 1 foot wide. The thing was headed directly towards the newly discovered dislocated roof panel. They then realized it was a furry head the size of a man’s fist peering down at the pair. The Sargent drew his weapon but was ordered not to fire by his superior. For some reason, the Detective switched off his torch, allowing the creature to enter. It was a spider. A big spider. A huge spider.

Third Victim

Now facing his 3 major phobias – Nyctophobia (a fear of the dark), arachnophobia (spiders) and claustrophobia (confined spaces) – the Sargent panicked and dropped his torch, smashing it in the process. Before the Detective could switch his back on, the spider pounced. It landed flush on the face of the terrified Sargent and began to bite him. As it drained the blood from his face, its body turned red in colour. The Detective finally managed to fire off a pair of gunshots. The first one missed, but the second took one of the 3 foot legs clean off. It was found by the response team still twitching. The Detective was slumped against the wall, quivering in terror. The Sargent became the third, and final, victim of the spider.

A Chernobyl Nuclear Mutation

News of the attacks were said to have been suppressed, but word still managed to reach a Turkish newspaper which broke the story. It went on to postulate that the mutant spider could well have been a result of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster from a few years previously. It also claimed that flamethrowers were used on the spider’s lair – reckoned to be the very top of the elevator shaft – and that eggs were discovered there too.

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