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Stories about otherworldly or frightening experiences have recently surfaced about people getting too close to or climbing isolated stairs in the woods.

H.H. Holmes planned all of his murders. He even equipped his "Castle" with gas chambers, trap doors, a crematorium, and hidden shafts to torture and kill.

The lives of the Broadduses became a living nightmare when The Watcher sent them terrifying letters after they bought their new home in Westfield, NJ.

What's the truth about the Kaimanawa wall in New Zealand? Is it really 2000 years old and does it prove that a mysterious group arrived before the Maori?

The history of Christmas carols stems from a time when people sang songs during Winter Solstice celebrations and evolved into the festive caroling of today.

The Gunpowder Treason Plot, led by Robert Catesby, was an attempt to blow up British Parliament and assassinate King James I in favor of a Catholic monarch.

While some soccer players are famous for their looks or athleticism, Aaron Ramsey also holds the strange distinction of having power over celebrity deaths.

In 1844, Charlotte Dymond was savagely murdered. Her lover, Matthew Weeks, hanged for slitting her throat, but there are some who contend he was innocent.

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction story was the most publicized account of an alien close encounter and the first of many to come.

Starlite rewrote the rules of thermodynamics. Maurice Ward, a hairstylist known for his extravagant colors, invented the special plastic that could withstand ...

Santiago Flight 513 is a fictional tale about a space-time warp. Kick back, bring your imagination and take a trip through the proverbial wormhole.

The history of magic has been a rollercoaster ride over the last 5000 years. In its earliest form, it inspired surprise and wonder but later was something dark ...

Almost every culture has stories about beings that return from beyond the grave to feast on the living during the hours of darkness. In late Victorian times, ...

In front of 30-45 people, Ken McElroy was shot dead. He was so hated for terrorizing the entire town, but justice never seemed to find him. So, the town took ...

Two men, Tom Young and Keith Reinhard, were both going through mid-life crises. Both of them rented the same retail space in Silver Plume, and both disappeared ...

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