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Elisa Lam and Her Bizarre Death

What on Earth happened to Elisa Lam? The mysterious circumstances surrounding her bizarre death and eerie evidence give rise to many theories.  But without new information coming to light, we may never know.

Deaths and disappearances are an unfortunate reality of our society, with thousands occurring each year, a large proportion of which go unsolved.

Not many deaths and disappearances, however, play out like an eerie plot from a Hollywood horror film.  The unfathomable strangeness surrounding the ultimately unresolved death of Elisa Lam makes one such case.

elisa lam

Elisa Lam LAPD flyer photo. Image credit: wikipediaLam was a 21-year-old Canadian student studying in Vancouver.  In January 2013 she embarked, alone, on what she intended to be a tour of numerous cities on the west coast of the USA.

Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian student studying in Vancouver.  In January 2013 she embarked, alone, on what she intended to be a tour of numerous cities on the west coast of the USA.

Beginning her holiday in San Diego, she visited the zoo and wrote about the city on her blog, then continued on, arriving in Los Angeles on the 26th of January. There, she checked into the Cecil Hotel.

Elisa Lam Disappears

After five days of sightseeing, Elisa was scheduled to check out and continue her journey to Santa Cruz. On this day though, her parents did not receive their daily phone call from their daughter. Finding this uncharacteristic of Elisa, they contacted the L.A. police to report her disappearance.

Hotel staff said she was alone on the morning of her disappearance, and the manager of a nearby bookstore, the last person to report seeing her alive, described her as “outgoing, very lively, very friendly,” having come in to buy gifts for her family.

elisa lam

CCTV picture frame of Elisa Lam appearing to hide from someone in the elevator.

Police proceeded to search the hotel with scent-tracking dogs, but were unable to search the building to a thorough extent, due to the absence of any probable cause a crime had been committed.

They found nothing.

On the 6th of February, the LAPD posted flyers around the neighborhood, urging anyone with any information to come forward. A week passed with no new leads, and then the case took its first sharp turn towards the bizarre.

On February 16, the LAPD released a surveillance video from the hotel, taken on the 1st of February. The unsettling video depicts Elisa in one of the hotel’s elevators, acting in an extremely bizarre manner. It shows her peeking in and out of the elevator, hiding in the corner, pressing multiple buttons and erratically gesturing and dancing in the hallway outside the elevator. She then exits the elevator, and the door slides closed and open several times before the video ends.

By the time of the video’s release, media attention around the case was ramping up. It emerged that the Cecil Hotel had a long history of criminal activity, including murders and suicide. The disappearance of a young university student played heavily on the consciousness of the public, and the baffling and peculiar behavior shown in the elevator video spawned a myriad of theories on Elisa’s disappearance, from drug intoxication, to mental disorders, and even demonic possession.

Discovery of Lam’s Body

It was about this time that guests of the hotel began to complain of strange tasting, discolored water and low water pressure in their rooms. Employees began to investigate the plumbing of the building. This led them to a gruesome discovery in the water tanks on the roof of the building.

Inside one of the tanks, floating naked next to her clothes and belongings was the partially decomposed body of Elisa Lam.

elisa lam

The Cecil Hotel, where Elisa Lam spent her last week. Image credit: wikipedia.

The discovery of the body brought up more questions than it seemed to answer. The autopsy found no evidence of trauma or sexual assault, no traces of illicit drugs, and no evidence that Elisa had attempted suicide. It listed the death as accidental drowning.

The investigation ceased, but many vital questions remain unanswered in this Canadian tragedy. The water tanks in question were propped up on cement blocks without easy access, and had heavy, difficult to displace lids, which were found closed with the body inside. Access to the roof itself was locked and alarmed. How had Elisa managed to get up there, enter the tank and replace the lid all by herself?

The video remained a prominent source of confusion and discussion even after Elisa’s body was found. Was her baffling behavior a result of a manic phase of her bipolar disorder? Many proposed a more sinister alternative; her movements can be explained as an interaction with another individual not visible in the video; a pursuer. Was someone else involved in her death? Interestingly enough, it appears the video may have been altered at some point before its release. The timestamp is obscured, some parts of the video appear slowed down, and nearly a minute of footage has been subtly removed mid-video.

Disturbingly, Elisa’s blog remained active for many months after her death. Auto-posting features may explain this away, but Elisa’s phone was never found after her death, suggesting an alternative source of these online updates.

Finally, uncanny parallels can be drawn between Lam’s sad demise and the Hollywood horror film ‘Dark Water’. The film follows the tenants of a building who experience black water coming from their taps and other eerie phenomena, culminating in the grisly discovery of the body of a girl decaying in the rooftop water tank. Weirder still, is that this movie was released in 2005, five years before Elisa’s death.

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Drew van der Post

Drew lives and studies in New Zealand, but in his free time he makes sure to keep a keen eye on the skies. An aficionado in seeking out all things unexplained since a young age, Drew has a particular interest in mysteries of the mind, unexplained disappearances and UFOs. The truth is out there.

  • Mr. Dimensional

    Weird or what ?

    • Andrew Korn

      no the real media has reported shortly after this happened that she suffered some form of mental illness,and had gone up to roof n climbed up the water tank n fell in .nothing spooky in it

      • What about the lid??

      • amuncat

        The place was alarmed, the lid was very difficult to lift… She’s a tiny thing.
        Her elevator behavior also looked like someone playing hide and go seek….even down to pushing all of the elevator buttons so the person wouldn’t know which floor she was on. just a thought!

        • Agnes

          Since she pushed all of the elevator buttons still on sequence (downward/descending order), maybe she just want to stop at each floor. Maybe just a visit to each floor (just for fun or maybe just bored). Regarding the moment she’s like “hiding” beside the elevator buttons, I guess she’s just looking whether someone is holding the press on the button that’s why the elevator door wont close.

          • bzzz

            Or maybe you haven’t watched the video. It was really…abnormal

          • FOL

            The video was slowed down (and edited for 55 secs when she was out of frame) by police, so people could get a better look at the missing woman. This gives the video and her gestures an eerie quality. Also, an expert said that Elisa kept pressing the “hold” button in between floor selections, which automatically messes up the flow of the elevator’s actions.

          • Creepiest video I’ve ever watched. I saw it months ago, and don’t feel like watching it again.

            It was someone connected to the hotel that killed her.

          • Yes I also mbelieve that it was someone connected to the hotel.

          • Sean R.

            Or the hotel itself… o.0

          • Not hardly, look we are examining reality, not fantasy.

          • Agnes

            I watched it, several times. I just think it’s been tampered. Look at the time stamp.

          • Bullshit.

        • FOL

          Actually, not so. The police report indicates no alarm and, in fact, the scene photos show that the door doesn’t even have a knob anymore. There were beer bottles, cigarette butts, and graffiti up there…so it was a well-visited rooftop by the young, low-income residents. Also, she exited the video on the 14the floor, which had the staircase to the rooftop.

        • All of ther bnuttons were pushed because that is ma method udsed to keep the elevator doors open. Period.

        • Ben

          She could lift it. Someone left it open and noway possible to close it on herself because there’s nothing inside the tank to grasp. She was talking to someone as video shows (perhaps a naked woman ) who had her room door ajar. Probably someone encouraging her to take the stairwell. The maintenance guy who found her would lie about the open tank hatch to prevent being terminated. …I would.

      • George Jackson

        They say roof is only accessible by hotel staff or someone who has a key.

        • FOL

          Nope. The police scene photos show that the doorknob to the door is not even there anymore. Residents were hanging out on the rooftop regularly. There were beer bottles, cigarette butts, and graffiti up there as evidence. She exited the video on the 14the floor, which had the staircase to the rooftop.

          • FredJ11

            Please link to the police scene photos of the door to the hotel roof

        • rcxb

          Nobody ever said the roof was inaccessible. There are 4 different ways to get up there. It has to be accessible, in case of emergencies, like fires.

          • George Jackson

            And I never said it was inaccessible. I said by hotel staff or someone with a key. So clearly I acknowledge that it has to be accessible for hotel staff or someone with the appropriate means of accessing it.

          • rcxb

            Fire escapes are NEVER locked. That would be completely illegal, and get people killed in an emergency.

          • George Jackson

            Who said fire escapes are locked? Are you guys actually reading my comment?

      • Martin351

        That couldn’t have happened, the lids are too heavy to move for one person, it takes at least 4 people of significant strength to move one. Then also given if someone was in the tank, how exactly are they going to close the lid again once in the water?

        Mental illness was not a factor in this, it was well documented she never had any issues what so ever.

        If you also watch the video right before she walks off, you’ll see another foot in the frame that appears to follow her.

        • FOL

          If you read the interview with her parents, they explained that she was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 (which left her vulnerable to psychosis) and severe depression. She went missing previously and her parents said she seemed to have lost touch with reality. That’s when they got her help. It’s also why they immediately knew her disappearnace was related to her mental illness. If you reed Elisa’s blog (still up), she was suffering terribly. She was haunted on a daily basis by her mind. Very sad.

          • Erock McCarty

            The tank she was found in had to be accessed by a saw via a fiire fighter, not too mention the tanks were far to tall for her to reach by herself, there were one or more persons acting.

          • FOL

            Yes, but the tank WAS accessible by a small hinged door at the top (as seen in arial photos), but rescue crews had to saw it open in order to hoist her out of the water mechanically with a crane. This approach is used so not to cause additional damage to her bloated/decomposing body while preserving potential evidence. It wouldn’t have been prudent to try and hoist her body up thru the trap door in a vertical fashion, as she obviously entered – bodies don’t magically get into sealed tanks. 🙂 Also, police commented on a nearby ladder that was likely utilized by her. The poor thing was probably in complete psychosis and did not understand the ramifications of her actions. Many people experiencing psychosis via their mental illness (e.g. bi-polar 1, or schizophrenia) are paranoid and delusional, and will do anything to escape their imagined predators.

          • FOL

            Elisa could reach the tank via the left-sided ladder and piping as seen during the removal of her body. The small, unlocked hinged door is being opened by one firefighter (left photo) and, without any murder suspects, opened by Elisa herself.

            Arial view: http://i.imgur.com/pcggeRU.png
            Side view: http://i.imgur.com/5xgwF6y.png

          • Martin351

            My point is the tank lids are too heavy to move for any one person. You need 3-4 people to move one of those lids.

            Again, new information shows this had nothing to do with her mental state. She didn’t do this on her own accord, or in some psychotic mental state. Dogs were used on the roof to sniff her scent, and they don’t miss. Elisa, never stepped on that roof, she was transported up there.

          • Paulbrevik

            That is not true. Someone made up this ridiculous myth that the tank lids are these thick steel blocks that weigh hundreds of tons, and remarkably it caught on. They are thin sheet metal, plenty easy for any adult to easily open.

          • Sherrie Bedard

            FOL I have one question for you that;s really crucial to this whole thing: if she climbed in the tank by herself how did she close the top lid behind her? those lids are in fact heavy as reported on Wikipedia. Why would she be naked? did she throw her clothes off and jump in? but then how would she close the lid behind her? Maybe someone knew the hotel and brought her up there or she was in fact playing hide and seek with someone and went up the roof to see if he was there…..there door was locked with an alarm, however she could still access the roof from the fire escape…..why would there be posts still posting on her social media after her death? they never did find her cellphone…….I don’t buy that she did this herself really…there’s too much that needs explaining.

          • disqus_SriDOT8OsK

            I have watched the video and it shows a person with a full-on psychosis. I worked night shifts at a psychiatric hospital for years and I have seen a lot of psychosis and I recognize it right away. Really bad acid trips also looks about the same. The girl on the video is clearly on some nightmarish head trip, her experience is not the same as it looks to us, the viewers. The mind creates the world. If she took off her clothes, then put them on, then took them off again… A person experiencing a psychosis could ABSOLUTELY do such a thing. She could have believed that getting into the water tank was the way too paradise. I have seen worse…
            The weird thing about the case is all the “coincidences”

        • St Kos

          The maintenance man who found her body stated to the news that the water tank hatch was unlocked and open.

      • FredJ11

        This comment has to be Exhibit A in assertions based on denial or utter ignorance of the facts

        • FOL

          Elisa was absolutely mentally ill and taking 4 strong medications for it (Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel, Effexor). See my previous post about her parents’ interview about her illness and previous disappearance. If you read her blog, you’ll see that Elisa even discusses her mental illness and how much she was suffering. 🙁

          • FredJ11

            Not saying she wasn’t suffering a mental illness. I’m saying Andrew Korn’s comment had NOTHING to do with the facts of her death eg the water tank was inaccessible to her- the door to the roof was locked and alarmed, the lid of the water tank was far too heavy for her to lift/move on her own, it would have required 5 or 6 men to remove/replace it, they cut a hole in the top to retrieve her instead of pulling her out via lifting the lid.

            I see no (direct) linkage between her mental illness and cause of death. And Andrew Korn certainly has made no case for it. Just a baseless ignorant assertion

          • FOL

            Thank you for your polite but firm response. My understanding from the police investigation is that the door to the roof was not locked during that period of hotel management. People went up there to smoke and drink on a regular basis (considered a bit of a seedy hang-out). Even the numerous empty beer bottles, cigarette buds, and graffiti were commented on by investigators, as further indication of an easily accessible roof. They also indicated that the hinged lid was able to be opened manually. I think she likely entered upon her own during manic psychosis, likely trying to hide from what she perceived as predators or stalkers. Nevertheless, I understand that there is STILL the possibility that others could have dumped her into the tank as well. Perhaps she was targeted as “easy prey” by a nefarious person(s). Unfortunately, there is no evidence to that end or any suspects to her possible murder.

          • FredJ11

            Ok well you’re going to have to link to that police report since your claims regarding the door being unlocked and the water tank lid being on a hinge/movable by a 110 lb girl contradict everything I have read and heard about this case Why did they cut a hole in the tank to remove her corpse if the lid was so easily moved?

            We can deal with the possibility that her mental problems caused her death later

          • Jack B Nimble

            The police will not release the report, that poster is some sort of shill. David Paulides tried to get the police to release the report, they told him the report will ever be released.

          • Raygirl

            They may have cut the tank so they would not have damaged the decomposing body.

          • FOL

            Hi again, Fred. Regarding the removal of her body:

            As I stated in a previous post to Erock Mccarty (above), rescue crews had to cut the tank open in order to mechanically hoist her out of the water with their crane. This approach is used in order to not cause damage to an already compromised corpse (bloated and decomposing) while preserving important evidence for the forensic pathologist at the autopsy. It wouldn’t have been prudent to try and hoist her body up thru the trap door in a vertical fashion, similarly to how she entered – whether by her own volition or a killer’s. By widely cutting the top and gently hoisting Elisa out, they absolutely avoided damaging her corpse severely; forensic evidence is vulnerable and can totally make or break a case. This is an approved practice for rescuers, hence the availability of a body hoist on a crane.

            In one of the photos I posted above, you can make out the door hinges on the tank that is farthest left; it appears that a handle is on the opposite side and parallel to the hinges, which makes functional sense. The firefighter/rescuer has removed the door completely on Elisa’s tank, most likely to eliminate its obstruction of much needed light, while also avoiding the potential for it to fall on his head or hands when looking deeply into the dark tank during the initial assessment. The door specs were relayed to the media during the investigation and I may’ve seen it on the report too. Perhaps a more close-up and detailed photo is also available.

            After nearly three years, a long-since deleted internet history, and a twice-scrubbed hard drive, I would need to search all over…just for you. 🙂 But if you haven’t already, you should be able to Google/Bing it yourself and find the report or, at the very least, a relevant excerpt from the report and, perhaps, additional photos. I believe my memory serves me well, but I may also search when I have more time than I did for this response.

          • FredJ11

            There is no veracity to anything you’re saying. You’re just blowing smoke Nothing you have claimed here regarding Elisa Lam is confirmed anywhere else. Your failure to back up your claims with links/sources is pretty lame dude

          • FOL

            Ps. Here’s a link to an arial police photo that shows how ONE firefighter had just lifted the hinged door to the entry point of the tank. It has become a myth or urban legend that the metal door is some huge, heavy piece that requires multiple people to open. Not so. Also, you can see how close the left tank is to hers on the right. She probably used the ladder to access the left tank, then it would be fairly easy to crawl onto the tank next to it with all the pipes in between. Perhaps she was trying to get to the wall (on the right in photo) in order to reach higher ground and somehow feel safer. But in the end, she entered the tank thru the small, hinged door cover. Elisa may have wanted to “escape & hide” or “go for a swim”.

            Other bi-polar 1 sufferers, when experiencing psychosis or a hypomanic episode have scaled buildings and water towers, and have even unsuccessfully “flown” off rooftops. As one bi-polar 1 suffer (user: AxelShoes) wrote on Reddit:

            “At the time, everything I did made sense and felt rational, and I considered myself 100% sane (it was everyone else who was crazy, and they just couldn’t see or understand what I was able to see, they didn’t ‘get’ all these amazing [or scary] things that were happening).”


            Another view from the side: http://i.imgur.com/5xgwF6y.png

          • Martin351

            FOL, her mental state had NOTHING to do with this. Given you just posted this 13 days ago, you SHOULD know that sniffer dogs were used on that roof to pick up her scent, they never found anything. Many people have already attested to this, even one on this board I believe, that those dogs don’t miss. These dogs are trained to do a specific task, and those trained to find scents to find people never miss. That completely eliminates any type of death that Elisa could have caused to herself.

            That means Elisa never stepped foot on that roof anywhere, the only way she got up on the roof and into that tank was she was transported. That only leaves 2 options, she was either murdered or her death was supernatural. Leaving the tinfoil hat out of this, lets assume she was murdered..

            We know by now that the elevator video was edited (assuming it was even her). Only 2 people could have edited that video, either the hotel or the LAPD. IF the hotel edited the video, that would have brought on a tampering with evidence charge as someone else mentioned. That only leaves 1 option, the LAPD edited the video, but why?

            The LAPD obviously saw something in that video they didn’t want the public to see. So the next question would be, what would they have seen to warrant them to edit it and hide it from the public. If it was a run of the mill killer, they would have released a sketch to the public to help find them, so we know it wasn’t that. At this point, there is only 2 real options left as to what the LAPD saw to warrant it being edited:

            1) Something supernatural
            2) The elite, powers at be, illuminati, or whatever you want to call it.

            What do you think is the most likely culprit?

          • Nicholas

            It’s simple – she was murdered by someone who worked in the hotel. They would have access to the keys for any locked doors, they would know how to turn off the fire alarm system, they would know a good hiding place for her body, and perhaps they knew how to edit the video as well. her behavior isn’t actually that strange in the video – the lift isn’t working properly so she tries multiple buttons to get it to work. She looks like she’s trying to hide from someone. She keeps peering nervously out of the lift to see if some creep is still following her. She probably realized she was in danger. She might have tried using multiple buttons to confuse a pursuer, or get the lift to go somewhere random away from the stalker. The waving of the hands is a bit strange – maybe she was insane, but it would still be well worth investigating the employees of that shithole and seeing if they have anything to hide. Apart from the hand waving, this seems fairly logical – she was tring to hide from a pursuer, and trying to get the lift to do that for her.

            If her body was brought onto the roof in a suitcase/box, then that’d explain why there was no scent for the police dogs. If there was trauma on the body from the killer, it would have been destroyed by decomposition. You can strangle someone without even bruising them.

          • Sherrie Bedard

            she could have been drowned elsewhere too they did find that she drowned….but the lid was closed shut behind her so how did she close the lid herself?

          • Jake

            In almost every situation, the simplest answer proves to be the correct answer. You spent a lot of effort dismissing this Fol character, even though all his points are highly logical and rational explanations of the event. Then you conclude that the answer could only be supernatural or some NWO deal? I think you haven’t had much experience around mental illness, to have seen what behaviors can manifest.

            There is one of your points that really needs to be countered, because it is a big part of your conclusion. Your point that there is no way she could have been on the roof alone because the sniffer dogs can’t possibly miss. Firstly this implies that a scent can only be left by someones shoes touching the ground, but more importantly it implies that someone has carried her all the way and lifted her up and into the tank without ever needing to put her down or touch her against any surface. That is far more illogical then anything Fol has said.

          • Sherrie Bedard

            how did she close the lid behind her though? If you’re committing suicide or disoriented then you wouldn’t even think about the opening or closing of the lid…she was found in the tank, the lid was closed……makes you wonder….

          • The Truth

            FOL you are truly one of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen comment on a story online before. You talk about this mythical police report and have had MULTIPLE people request you link it but you refuse to yet continue to comment on it and just ignore the fact that people are asking for your sources. You are a failed human if I’ve ever seen one.

            Also, WHY did you comment on this article like 30 times? What do you care? You need a life, wow!

          • George Jackson

            Blog never mentions mental illness. It mentions depression.

          • FOL

            You present a contradiction, unless you are referring to the lack of the term “mental illness” within her blog. However, Elisa mentions her major depression (or MDD)…which is a mental disorder/illness. It often co-occurs with other psychiatric problems – in this case, mania – and that is why she was on multiple medications as a Bipolar 1 sufferer. There is also reflection upon her obsessions and fears. Elisa’s parents and doctor confirmed her condition and previous loss with reality (went missing before).

            While experiencing psychosis or mania/hypomania with psychotic features, people have scaled buildings and water towers, inserted themselves into odd places or situations, and even walked or “flown” off rooftops. With Elisa’s precarious condition, traveling to an unfamiliar area was not an ideal situation and likely served as a trigger. Whether of her own volition or a predator’s, she was in an extremely fragile state and should not have traveled alone. People regularly die due to mental illness and when a young woman’s “creepy” psychosis is caught on camera and then she’s found dead in an uncommon place with seemingly suspicious circumstances after people complain about the water in a hotel…it makes news. And a movie, apparently.

            If the filmmakers have any decency, a percentage of the film’s profit should go to Elisa’s family and a mental health charity like “Brain & Behavior Research Foundation” or “Treatment Advocacy Center”.

          • George Jackson

            Does having depression automatically fall under mental illness though? Even major depression? I wouldn’t think so. Having obsessions and fears is completely normal. I wouldn’t think that was indicative of any “mania” or “psychosis”. That is normal.

            I have read vaguely of an account of her having gone missing before. Where can this information be found?

          • Theresa F

            Yes, depression is a mental illness. The meds she was prescribed can cause some horrible side effects. It is also not a stretch to assume she had a psychotic episode.

          • Jake

            I can’t believe there is a person who questions whether depression is a mental illness, and seems to genuinely believe it is not….

      • Brodinsky

        Nowhere near!!! How do you explain the strange elevator role? How do you explain that the autopsy didn’t bring any real result? How do you explain that the lid was that heavy that it needed around 4 guys to be lifted? And how do you explain that the lid was closed despite she was already inside?? This is either a very complex and i mean complex murder, or something paranormal. I think suicide is totally discarded.

      • herbprof

        You buy into the official brainwash way to easy, try thinking! She is small, with little fingers, it is 2 AM, the light on the fire escape and roof are minimal, she not wearing her glasses, it is 15 stories to the ground, she is wearing flip-flops!
        —Photos showing six foot fireman at the tank on a ladder only makes it chest high, it would be a difficult climb for any man, let alone a small woman. The opening to the tank is very small, no one is going to fall in, DUH!
        —My money says an total jerk helped her up there, got her into the tank, and ditched her! Who ever that is needs to be found, and the truth needs to be squeezed out of him, that lady, and even you deserve the TRUTH?

  • R Benson

    This behavior on the lift does not look like bipolar behavior to me. She was drugged or had some brain trauma. The fact that the video was altered and the police took their time mentioning it suggests they are covering it up. That and the water tank tell me that a serial killer is active in the LA area (likely not the only one), and the police can’t solve it so are keeping it from the public. I now question everything I hear from the mainstream news media and government.

    • amuncat


    • George Jackson

      ” I now question everything I hear from the mainstream news media and government.”
      You have to.

    • FOL

      She was diagnosed as bipolar disorder type 1, which triggers psychosis (losing touch with reality) and severe depression. Her parents immediately knew it was likely due to her mental state, since she had gone missing previously for the same reason. Elisa speaks of her struggle with mental illness on her blog, which is still up.

      • Raygirl

        The real question is…if her parents knew she had this problem, why would they allow her to travel alone? :/

    • Cori

      I’ve ALWAYS questioned what I hear from the mainstream media and government. You’d be a fool not to.

  • amuncat

    Chilling! Wow! And drinking the water too!

  • Martin Zuniga

    It was the Grudge girl that killed her. The police have the unaltered tape of the paranormal incident. Police will never release the tape to the public in fear of public chaos. The public would be running the streets in fear of the unknown paranormal. It could also be Godzilla.

    • UsiGX

      and where did you get that info from , care to explain?

      • Crystal

        It was a joke… in poor taste, but a joke…

  • Bear1000

    This would be a perfect case for Robert Stack and “Unsolved Mysteries” to explore; if only they were still on the air. There’s definitely the feeling that something more than just your average accidental death is at work here, and whatever it is, it’s obvious that the cops don’t know and also don’t want to try and explain what they can’t understand. My heart goes out to her family.

  • Cesar Garcia

    I saw the footage and i think someone was with her in the elevator i saw it many times and you can see the front of a shoe in the video to me she is wearing sandal or white colored shoes with the fronr of the shoe white, as she turns she is out of view yet there a black shoe just the front part in camera view elisa is already out of view and it would be hard to cross her feet and walk

    • Quantez Williams

      she is wearing black sandals. and when she walks from the corner of the elevator (near the buttons) before eventually exiting it for good (as far as we know), you can see that her feet swing out in an awkward manner consistent with the way that “mystery” foot was moving. There was nobody there but her.

  • FilmStar

    This is absolutely freaky. It really does make me wonder if any paranormal activity took place here. I mean, how could she have gotten on the roof? You never know with these things. I hope they look more into this because I would like answers. I can see why this death is now the topic of about three horror films that are in production.

  • Steven James

    My opinion is she was Killed in the hotel, and dumped in the water tanks later…

    • Agnes

      I think she was not dumped there but was put inside the water tank until she drowned.

    • Agnes

      I think she was not dumped there but was put inside the water tank until she drowned.

    • By a staff-member, resident or similar.

    • Raygirl

      Ironically there was no sign of struggle or trauma. Normally when a person is being forced there are signs.

  • adrian

    What I say to ppl that declare that doesn’t exist or this doesn’t exist is, how can you be stupid enough to think you know everything???? That is why I keep an open mind on everything, because I’m not stupid and dumb enough to think I know everything.

    • rcxb

      I’ll believe anything that has some evidence behind it. This is just a sad case of mental illness, and possibly one malfunctioning elevator (unless she screwed it up by hitting the emergency stop or door-open buttons).

      I loved hearing all about the paranormal when I was younger, but after decades, NONE of it has ever panned out, and the field is undeniably chock full of con-artists, lunatics, and simple mistakes & misunderstandings.

      • adrian

        Exactly why you gotta kkep an open mind and investigate, the so called “scientists” who say this doesn’t exist are being just as stupid as the ppl saying this does exist, cuz there’s no proof to either side, see what I’m saying, both sides are being dumb and stupid declaring this does or doesn’t exist.

        Ps- all you internet douche that should wear s sign around necks saying ‘I have low self esteem and insecurities, so I put others down to make me feel good about myself’

        I purposely mispell words, I know how to spell correctly but I choose not to, so don’t come on here commenting your pathetic comments

        • rcxb

          All the evidence says a mentally disturbed woman accidentally drowned herself. There’s nothing (but mistakes and lies) saying she couldn’t have done so, and zero evidence anything else happened.

  • Agnes

    Her story was really creepy and so mysterious. At first I thought it’s something paranormal, but later on I have a thought that she was murdered. I’ve read comments on the elevator video of hers and other talks about her death which made me realize that maybe someone really tampered with the video. Reports also brought up that serial killers(2) was at that hotel before. I don’t remember it well but I think in some of the interviews, they say that the serial killer was just in the hotel premises. And how will she be able to go to the water tank without any keys and someone to have put the alarms off? And why would she do that? And why is she naked? I don’t think it’s something supernatural. Someone might have made her do it.

    • Agnes

      This might be what they call a “perfect crime”.

      • They wouldn’t have found the body, if it were perfect.

        • Agnes

          Perfect because no other evidence was found that would lead to a suspect.

  • Princess

    I think she was hallucinating, possibly as a result of her mental disorders, or even drugs, god knows she was there all alone maybe experimenting new things. Anyway, maybe in this hallucination, she was actually seeing things and somehow convinced herself that she would go for a skinny dip up in the water tanks (thinking it’s a jacuzzi) but then drowned instead.

    • Troy S Kenneson

      Well that would explain why the elevator doors don’t close. Obviously we are all on drugs too….

  • freshbrood

    It’s almost 3 years later. Did we ever learn the results of the toxicology report? Any new info?

    • Pas Votre Nom

      Yes, they reported no toxins (drugs/alcohol) in her tox report. I think she was murdered by a staff person who thereafter accessed and altered video footage.

      • redebeth

        I think that’s the only logical answer.

        I really did not like how her bipolar diagnosis was used to explain her behaviour away. Schizophrenia sure, but not BP. Also drug use being theorized constantly. She was clean and sober when she died after all, but that info wasn’t released for months.

        I think the elevator was intentionally jammed and she was panicking from being trapped by someone in the hallway. An employee who knew where the cameras were and had roof access. Who then altered the security recording.

        It’s horrifying that she went through that and the LAPD just couldn’t be bothered to do a decent investigation.

        • Francine

          Agree with everything you said.

          When I initially saw the video I wondered if something paranormal was at work, but given evidence that the video was altered it stands to reason that the same person or people who altered the video had access to the water tanks. The only real mystery is why the police refuse to do anything.

          • No evidence?

          • I so agree she she was small and i do not think she just threw herself into that tank… the way it was set up. I agree is was someone in the Hotel that killed her. Maybe if the police did a true investigation they would see that possible the hotel was in financial stress and need some hype to bring in people. Sick but I wouldnt put it past anyone in a financial bind to do something stupid just to save or get the hotel noticed or back on the map or news.:-( Truly think she was talking to someone and trying to get away.

        • john

          Your right she was in a panic,someone in the hotel staff who stayed away from the camara thats why shes looking out for him or her for its a shame no one could help her Lapd sucks this is where you need the punisher who ever did this needs to be caught now.

          • Alexander

            Watch the video… whenever she’s “hiding”…. she doesn’t look scared …she’s standing casually… that’s not how you look if you’re hiding from someone… which makes it all the more abnormal..

          • People react different ways. She might have been absolutely shitting herself and just slid into denial on and off.

        • FOL

          She was diagnosed as bipolar disorder type 1, which is the one that triggers psychosis (losing touch with reality) and severe depression. Her parents immediately knew it was likely due to her mental state, since she had gone missing previously for the same reason. Elisa speaks of her struggle with mental illness on her blog, which is still up.

        • RLL

          I, too think she was murdered. A lot about this whole case doesn’t make sense. On a side note, I wanted to add that my 20 year old daughter is Bipolar and she has been hospitalized several times in a manic state: she sees and hears things that are not there, she is completely out of touch with reality. The last time she was hospitalized, they had to sedate her because she was convinced that “little people” were climbing up onto the hospital gurney to hurt her. Just my experience.

      • Amen to that!

  • Kimberly

    At first she looks like she’s playing hide and seek. Then it looks like she becomes anxious when whoever it is she’s trying to surprise doesn’t show up. She begins looking out the elevator and then she does this little weird step out of the elevator and back in. This little step looks like a very OCD thing to me. Once in a blue, some people just have to count and do weird little things to feel secure. It kind of reminds me when I have to go and check behind the shower curtain exactly 3 times because if I don’t I get a very strong conviction that an axe murder will jump out at any moment. It is very stupid but very real to whoever is feeling it. My mind just won’t leave me alone, it will keep reminding me I didn’t check those 3 times. As soon as I do, I feel safe again, my mind quiets down and my world is ok. Around the 1:30 mark it looks like she becomes dizzy. And that’s when the strange things happen. She starts talking to someone who is not there. And, is it just me or are her hands unnaturally bent around the 2:00 minute mark? Creepy!!!

    • Francine

      It looks that way because the video was editted.

      • Alexander

        how could you know that for sure?…okay here’s my thing if it was someone who had access to the security cameras to delete a minute out of the thing then why would they just stand outside and wait for her..if they can delete a minute out of it then they can just go in the elevator drag her out and delete the 30 seconds that it takes the same way they would delete a random minute out of the video..that makes no sense..and it was the hotel that gave the video to the police, so they could have just deleted the video and waited for the body to be found and told the police there was no video..or that they delete the footage every so often….I mean if you have access to all this then you have the ability to do what you want and delete what you want..I’m not saying it wasn’t someone from the hotel that did it, I’m just saying who, if they have access to all that is going to just stay out of camera range and wait..someone else staying there could have walked by while a killer waits for her to come out, I just don’t see a killer waiting patiently for her to come out..and why doesn’t she look panicked when standing or “hiding”….and if someone is standing outside the elevator stalking her and she knows this then why does she walk out of it, wouldn’t you run?? and bipolar is often a misdiagnoses for something larger, and I’m not saying that she was crazy either….and getting through an alarm and a locked door, that doesn’t mean that the alarm was set or the door was locked, and if you run a hotel and a situation like this happens of course you’re going to say you did your job and everything was locked and the alarm was on because if you admit you screwed up then you’re going to be either held responsible or your business if going to be shut down..sooooo many possibilities..and they all have holes, so everyone should stop acting like they each know what happened and that their theory is full proof!!….but seriously we should get a group together and do some serious investigating and shake things up and see if we cant get to the bottom of it!!

        • FOL

          The police edited the video that we all see. They slowed it down to allow the public more time to recognize her face. Also, the police edited out 55 seconds of footage where she is out of frame and nothing really happens. The needed to keep the video succinct for the news. Elisa’s mental illness had been haunting her for years – her parents had reported her missing previously when she wandered off due to her illness. Elisa’s blog, which is candid, reveals how sad she was. Her trip was an effort to get out and be as normal as possible. She should not have gone alone. 🙁

  • makexnoyes

    Well I’m assuming they have video surveillance in hallways and stairwells as well, not just in elevators, so why have those not been released? It would show what rooms she was coming in/out of, how she got to the roof and with who, if accompanied. Etc. obviously!

  • sammmmmmmmmmmm

    how much u want to bet it was a worker, or like the owner of the building… she had to have been w. someone, how could she have entered the roof unless someone unlocked the doors and shut off the alarms and then places the top back on the water tanks… and then the video was altered…easily could have been messed w. to erase the other person, and that would need to be done by someone w. power over those tapes

    • Francine

      And people with a history of mental disorders make the perfect victims because no one bothers to look any further.

      • Alexander

        how would a random killer or opportunistic killer see a random girl alone from Vancouver on vacation and know that she had a history of mental illness??…that’s not something you tell random people, or stalkers, or people who run the hotel you’re staying at..and it’s not like she got to know someone there well enough to tell them that, she was there for a short period of time!!!!

  • chitch

    So from other posts it says her Tumblr acct was
    When you look at it, in the posts that were made after her death there
    is one of severed heads. Why would this
    be an automatic update? And if these are automatic updates then why were there
    so many in February, tapered off in March and only one post in December,
    that’s not very consistent for automatic posts.
    The fact that her phone is missing, doesn’t sound like a coincidence,
    sounds more like murder.

    • FOL

      No. She told her parents about misplacing her phone when she went to a local bar on the 27th (4 days before her death). She nevertheless called them from a pay phone up until the day she disappeared. Elisa’s mental illness got the best of her. Her blog which is still up – http://etherfields.blogspot.hk – is candid about how haunted and sad she was. Her parents got her psychiatric help after her first disappearance. She ended up on 4 different medicines (Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel, Effexor). Poor thing.

    • Vinod Chhabria

      I think she became a victim of a cult, who has people stay at the hotel often and that person knew his way around and on top.

  • Guest1

    To me the video wasn’t that weird at all, well the hand gestures were but to me it just looked like someone who was trying to figure out why the doors weren’t closing. She wasn’t acting in a frantic manner so she couldn’t be running from someone. When she steps away from the doors “hiding” just seems like she thinks that the doors aren’t closing because they might have motion sensors and they sense that shes right there so she tries to move to the side to see if the door closes.

  • This is some crazy shit. I think it may be paranormal because the hotel has a paranormal history, but also because when she gets on the elevator she pushes buttons it doesn’t do anything so she’s walking around in and out and hiding in corner to see if it’ll close because she probably thinks it’s a sensor or something, but you can tell she is alone if you watch her feet how she walks and turns her feet all different angles so clearly it was her own foot that people call mysterious but also when she gets out and leaves the elevator all of a sudden the door closes then opens then closes. When it wouldn’t close at all for her when she pushed the buttons now that right there is some creepy shit.

  • FredJ11

    This Cecil Hotel sounds like some kind of killing ground for lord knows who. Why on earth did she choose this godforsaken place to stay? She had money presumably. Her family owned (still do) a successful restaurant in Vancouver. Why did she choose this creepy flophouse of all places? I doubt all those suicides were in fact suicides. Why did the LAPD wait two weeks to release the elevator video? Were they covering for the perpetrator(s)?

    What do you bet she was a spy, maybe for China. Got caught and the CIA (or someone similar) did her in there Might explain why LAPD won’t release their file on her (according to David Paulides) and the LA coroner’s delayed release of her autopsy.

    Speaking of the autopsy (deemed suspect by many), how convenient to label it drowning. No loose ends. Nice way to just tie the whole thing off. No possible trails leading elsewhere to circumstances and people whose identities “need” to remain obscured. I wish the autopsy had been verified independently. I’d like to know whether she was done in then dropped in the tank. What the condition of her body? Did it look like and match pathologically a corpse that had been in the water for some two weeks?

    Were any of the Hotel’s employees investigated or questioned? As far as Lam’s access to this otherwise inaccessible water tank it seems hotel personnel would be the reasonable place to focus. It certainly would require four or five of them to lift the heavy lid on the water tank In fact the water tank lids were so heavy they cut a hole in the side to retrieve instead of pulling her out from top via lifting the lid

  • keith giroux

    The elevator did not work because it was key activated to not shut (employee) it looked to me like she was using hand movements while trying to talk this person out of it. it also looked to me as if she put her hands on her head at one point. after the video the elevator followed the last button commands after the key was taken out. Murder!!!!

    • andy gregory

      Elisa’s body language in the video sequence (which misses at least 54 seconds) has been analysed as being “preening” for the most part…a sign of sexual attraction which would indicate that there was either someone outside the lift or “waiting” for her…..The lift does not change floors during the sequence and there are some wild theories that she was attempting to play “the elevator game”…The feet “evidence” is misleading as she is shown pivoting on one foot without moving the other (which most people do)….She would not have had to go through locked or alarmed doors to gain access to the roof and the tower she was found in is the only one accessible by dropping down from the window above….although bipolar she was taking her meds and actually had just renewed her prescription in LA……she was found naked in the water tower apparently with her clothes also in the tower…..There are reports of a puncture wound/abbrassion on one leg….There is conjection that the LAPD recovered her phone but NOT her computer….The autopsy shows a probable 5 or 6 different toxins in her blood although she was only on 4 different medications but again this evidence was poorly gathered ….These are the “facts” as far as I can surmise….wild theories about ILA the illuminatti et al continue to cloud the issue and imo its most likely to me that IF MURDERED she was either targeted in San Diego (by drug/sex slave gangs) or at the Hotel by a “Skid Row Lowlife” or hotel employee or resident…..RIP Elisa

  • gobnait

    Why did the elevator door stay open for such a long time at first?

  • robertansley

    The video has been really misunderstood. Having worked with digital video recorders for security systems for 25 years in 45 countries I can say most of the interpretations of the footage is wrong. My brief assessment is that it was recorded with a standard security DVR with motion detection. Since a person would be fully into frame before the detection kicked in, It has a pre-roll recording of 3 seconds, always recording not based on motion. IF nothing happens it’s tossed away but if motion is detected it sticks that on the front of the recording to capture the entire event. After 4 seconds of no motion it stops recording to save disk space. It also appears it was recorded at 20 frames per second. Security DVR’s can be programmed to record normal events at one rate, motion events at another rate, and alarms such as fire at another rate. The pre-roll that is always recording and recording over itself can be adjusted. How long it waits finding no motion before it stops is yet another button. Whether it sounds an alarm, or calls somebody are common features. People are making a lot of assumptions not having any of the answers to the above. The original video with the slow motion moves is the correct video. Every 3rd frame or so it pauses. This can be for two reasons. If it has a weak processor it will pause while it checks for motion. OR, more likely, if someone edits the thing to fit it into 30fps then the editing software makes a decision where to insert copies of frames of video. That means 10 duplicate frames of video per second. That means each individual frame has less time on screen giving movements a staccato look sometimes. One analysis I saw matched the minute counter to real-time minutes and called his new version accurate. But looking at the seconds and frames it doesn’t match up. One second will have 20 frames of video, another 24, many have 30. It’s adulterated. Whatever the DVR rate was at, it accurately recorded video at that steady rate, whenever motion was present. Lastly, there’s a spot on the video where it appears 54 seconds have been cut out. It looks so ordinary to me. The door was open and after 4 seconds of no motion it stopped recording. It started up again when the door closed, 54 seconds later. I don’t know why that door stayed open so long but she was pushing so many buttons who knows?

  • FOL

    Interesting post about certain facts:

    “I was captivated when I first found out about Elisa’s story. For days, I couldn’t stop reading about it and trying to understand what happened to her. Much like Elisa, I now feel like I need to write things down. What happened to this woman is a terrible human tragedy but, but it is nothing unnatural.

    Elisa tells us a lot about herself on the several blogs she kept up with for years. She had wanted to be a professional writer since age 6, and that desire for self-expression was ultimately manifested in these blogs. In them, she tells us that she was raped at 17. It appears that she then began dealing with depression, dropping the cross country team her senior year. She tells us that depression messed up her sleep schedule and often made it a struggle for her to get out of bed. The internet became her outlet, where she could express her thoughts and feel a connection with people that, despite her friendly personality, she sometimes missed in face-to-face interactions. Elisa’s condition was severe enough that she was only able to complete 3 classes in her first 3 years of college. She blamed herself, and her blog reveals that at least a year before her passing, she had thought about suicide.

    Despite her apparently growing depression, she gathered up the strength to follow her own advice to get out of the house and do something, in the form of a trip to visit various towns in California. She worked a part-time job and had only limited funds. She took public transportation, and had to leave out some of the things on the trip that she had planned. Elisa ended up at the Cecil, probably because it was economical and had some good advertising, perhaps not realizing how unsafe the area was. Once there, she commented on its creepiness. Elisa lost her phone or had it stolen at a speakeasy on Jan 27th, but remained in contact with her family. To be fair, some of her last communications indicate that she told a stranger she liked him, and mention persistent would-be suitors, but there is little evidence that foul play lead to her disappearance on Jan 31st.

    What happens in the video looks very freaky at first. One thing to remember is that this was released while she was missing, in hopes of someone identifying her. For this reason, the police slowed it down. If you watch it at real-time speed her motions look more natural. The 55 seconds are missing because Elisa was out of the frame during that time. It would make no sense to release a video hoping to identify a missing person, and then not have them in the frame for almost a minute.

    In the video, Elsa is having a manic episode. It is likely that she had these before and hid them from her loved ones. Despite how often she mentioned symptoms of mental health issues on her blogs, she probably didn’t divulge the worst that she was facing. Elisa was clearly self-conscious about freaking people out over these issues, and was on multiple medications for bi-polar disorder under a doctor’s care.

    In this particular elevator, the bottom button is the “Hold” button. She hits it last every time that she pushes buttons. This is why the door stays open. Her erratic behavior, hand gestures, and counting with her hands up in the air, are not at all uncommon for people experiencing altered mental states. She was afraid of something, but it was the horrors within her own mind, not someone or something external.

    It is not difficult to make it to the roof of the Cecil. The graffiti and beer bottles on the roof top attest to that. Elisa could have climbed the fire escape. Or, it is quite possible that the door to the roof was left open. One photograph taken shortly after her body was discovered, shows the door knob missing. After Elisa left the elevator on the 14th floor (her room was on the 4th) she headed in the direction of the rooftop stairs. Either way, the roof was not a secured place.

    The tank Elisa was found in is 10ft tall, but is easily accessed by a ladder, which was there the night she came. The doors on these type of water tanks usually weigh 50lbs or less, and are hinged, so that you only have to lift a small portion of this weight to get them open. Elisa either decided to go skinny dipping, or more likely, climbed in to hide from the demons she was running from, closing the door as she slipped in. Once inside, she found herself having to tread water in total darkness.

    This poor person probably treaded water for a long time (the world record is something like 84 hours), possibly not even knowing where she was or how she got there. As you tread water, your clothes start to weigh you down and fight against your efforts to stay afloat. She probably took them off to save energy. As time went on, even her watch was taken off. All of the clothes found in the tank with her are the same ones that she was wearing in the elevator footage. Although some of them are men’s sized, the logos indicate that they came from her home town. Her purse, computer, and other affects were left in her hotel room.

    LAM-ELISA is a TB test that has been around for years and is used all over the world. There is no link between it and her death. Elisa’s blog kept posting for days after her death, but this was simply an automated feature of the account. None of these posthumous posts include any writing, they were just pictures, like many others, that she had clipped off of the internet.

    Elisa’s death was an accident. This is the conclusion that the police came to, and they had far more evidence than what the public has access to.

    This isn’t a mysterious story, it is a heart-breaking story. Elisa finally broke out from her isolation behind the computer screen, tried to get out and experience life, and had this happen to her. It is so sad that today, millions of people know her name, not for the human being she was, but for the horror story she was involved in.

    Elisa, you were an intelligent and beautiful person. Even after your death, you life has touched mine. May you rest in peace.” – Anonymous, August 2013

  • Erock McCarty

    Note that the water tank she was found in had to be accessed by a saw by a fire fighter, also note how big the water tanks were, in the video showing the fire fighters on the roof trying to get the tanks open it showed one of the fire fighters standing against one of the vats, allowing a size comparison, even he was small compared to the tank, all that visual evidence combined, psychotic episode or not, it was virtually impossible for Elisa to access one of those tanks on her own, my theory? Rapehomicide by one or more persons, most likely that of the hotel staff, camera footage was obviously tampered with.

    • kevin

      One part of the video that spooks me out is within the second minute I believe. The elevator door opens about an inch or two then closes without her being close to hit the sensors. Only explanation for that to me is someone was out there by the button and pressed it when the door was about to close. Also I’ve read on several sites that the autopsy report showed anal bleeding but no rape kit was used because they thought it was from her being in the water so long.

  • LindaHensley

    Important facts are being looked over here:

    1) dogs were on the roof looking for her scent, they never found anything. That means Elisa never physically stepped foot on the roof. She was transported up there. Dogs trained to find people do not miss if the person was in the area, I know, I work with them. This completely rules out any death Elisa did to herself like suicide or anything relating to mental illness.

    2) the video footage was edited, about a min is missing. Only 2 entities would have had access to it, the hotel and the LAPD. If the hotel edited the video, it would have warranted a tampering with evidence charge. That never happened so we know the LAPD edited the video. So they obviously saw something they didn’t want the public to see. Also, if they spotted a physical killer, They would have released a sketch to the public.

    3) Elisa may have never stayed at the hotel. She clearly states in her blog she is staying BESIDE a monstrosity hotel with an Art Deco theme. That describes the Cecil, so according to Elisa’s blog, she was staying beside it. The only building beside the Cecil was work/live spaces where Elisa would have had to have been invited to stay. So she knew someone there.

    4) lids are far too heavy on those tanks for even 2-3 people to lift.

    The only thing that can be ascertained from this is either the death was supernatural or Elisa was killed by the powers at be. Both of which would probably warrant the LADP to edit the video… But then, why release it..

    • disqus_jBJe7bKRwY

      You are wrong on every count, yes they sent dogs up there and yes they never found anything. But just in case you thought dogs were some sort of omnipotent god like beings that are never wrong, they can be! and if you do a simple search on google you can find thousands of examples and situations where sniffer dogs have failed. Secondly, it was edited so that the public could get a better view of the victim in question, not to edit out an accomplice or anything else that “they didn’t want the public to see”. She didn’t need to know anyone to walk into the hotel and use the elevator and like it has been mentioned many many times in this page she was on multiple drugs that have been known to cause hysteria and even hallucinations in some cases. Also the lids actually aren’t too heavy for “even 2-3 people to lift”, explain why in gods name they would engineer it like that? There are videos showing how it can easily be done by one person, do a little research don’t just hop on the bandwagon because one or two persuasive people told you some incorrect information.

      • Gord Hicks

        You’re funny lol “edited so the public could get a better view of the victim in question” You’d make a good professional wrestling bad guy manager lol I already know the answer to this question but Imma ask it anyway lol Do you have any evidence to support that lameass claim??

        Yeah that’s right dogs aren’t perfect so they’re useless That’s why thousands of PDs and SaR orgs use them every day lol

  • This post says NOTHING abut the facts of the case and looking at paralells with the movie Black Water shows that all you’ve done is repost what was on other blogs.

  • Ben

    The maintenance guy who found her had to of lied. She could not close the hatch. There’s no leverage by pipes or steps in that tank. Someone forgot to close the hatch…you always put the toilet lid down? I would lie and say the hatch was closed. I’m not getting fired. And I have been diagnosed bi-polar so blaming her for her diagnosis pisses me off. We have mania and it goes away. Has nothing to do with her accident.

  • Ben

    Another thing, but off topic. Can you imagine a terrorist with cyanide? Look at the direct access he has to the water tanks. Lock those hatches up. And that’s probably not good enough. …scary.

  • George Shope

    What happened to Elisa Lam? Answer: She bumped into Norman Bates @ the notorious Cecil Hotel (see movie: Psycho)!
    Ribbit 🙂

  • Cain Shin

    i find the human psyche really interesting.. but i hate these so-called experts.. they cant even read people accurately as much as some people do.. are you saying self-preservation is non-existent in people with mental illness? ok, given it is depression which had led to many cases of suicides, does she look a bit gloomy in that video? if she was really known to have this tendency, why was she allowed to go on a tour? her death being linked to her supposed mental illness does not make sense..

  • Rj Long

    It seems a little weird that at the roughly 17 second mark she pokes her hear out of the lift to look both ways really quickly….
    Also, I wonder if she jumped into the lift to stay in the light? I know that the hallway appears to be lit up but maybe it wasn’t? Most hotels aren’t really lit up after a certain point at night….

    to me, she’s acting like she’s hiding from someone…or some thing.

    Even at the 53 second mark, it’s like something hits her and she jumps forward. then after that everything becomes unexplainable. To me, I feel like that she’s acting like she’s learning to use all her motor fuctions again. I know it’s a weird call to make, but from the 53 second mark, that’s not Elisa you’re watching.

    Also, to end up decomposing in a water source that other residents will be drinking from is absolutely sinister in my opinion.

  • DannyL

    In regards to her phone being missing, and the blog updates, Tumblr will post queued posts; Elisa also explicitly states in one of her ‘Read More’ posts that she has lost her cellphone

    • Allan

      Couldnt find out how to send my own message so ill just reply to the most resent one.

      This story/case really stuck with me because it was similar to experiences I had, obviously not as intense but I will explain. One other thing is that its crazy to think I had friends who knew her, she went to university about 25 minutes from where I live.

      But anyways, I went to my doctor and I told him how I was feeling and he said that I might have depression. He prescribed me seroquel, which is a medication she was using. I then had left for a trip to Europe to sorta help me get back into things. When I was there, I know it’ll sound crazy, but I started to have thoughts of suicide, which is a side effect of some anti depressants, as well as other medications. So my point is, that at that point in time I had thought of suicide, which I look at now and literally I cant even believe that those thoughts could even manifest in my brain, if she had been depressed for years, and on 3 other medications, its highly plausible she came suicidal, from a mixture of already being depressed and taking those medications. Also, at that point in time she was travelling alone, and that also could play a very big part because she felt alone, which for people who have depression is a big thing, trust me.

      In all I am much better now, thankfully. Hope this informed people, just because you arent able to perceive things in different aspects, dosent mean those perceptions will not be there in different individuals.


    Note: Elisa wrote on her blog that she arrived in LA on the 29th, not the 26th. She was in San Diego during the 23 or 24th until the 27 or 28th of January.

  • Adam Kelm

    If she shimmied up the tank to get into the water the dogs they brought to the roof would have caught the smell. The tape appears to have multiple edits. That said it seemed more interest than fear that motivated her

  • Tatty_Anna

    So we are expected to believe in an episode of paranoid delusion She voluntarily climbed into a freaking water tank? how many paranoid shizophrenics out there that have done that? none.

  • Ricky Godsey

    Her mental illness directly relates to her death in that soneone took advantage of her in that state…Or she was so disoriented she proceeded to somehow enter a watertank on the roof of a hotel under her own accord…the hand gestures she made r just too bizarre…she was interacting with “someone”…

  • sahad kkt

    After seeing the video..i feel like she was going to commit suicide and wanted to stop at each floor before she faced death…The abnormal behaviour was caused by the elevator door not closing..she thought that the door sensors might be picking up something,,,so she hid or tried to look at the sensors if it was being blocked,,then she tried waving her hand to check if something was keeping the door from closing,,after all that she might have given up and took the stairs…it could be a murder too because she seemed not to have that suicide look,..the elevator video is just a diversion …I have myself seen elevators behaving like this,,,sometimes they wont close..sometimes the doors keep opening and closing in the same floor for no reason…

  • Sherrie Bedard

    Ask yourself a question people….how would she have closed the lid to the tank behind her if she jumped in? doesn’t make sense…..those lids are heavy if you’re commiting suicide or whatever you wouldn’t care if the lid was open or closed. Period. It was found closed….so someone else is responsible

    • AmazingSpiderHam

      How hard is it for a person to carry a person up a ladder to drop them in a tank?

  • AmazingSpiderHam

    Simple answer she killed herself. There was a way to climb to that roof without going thru that emergency door. It is hard for a person to carry a person up a ladder to dump them in a water tank.

  • TexasGirl1

    Clearly this young woman was incoherent. Her movements are precisely those of a person who is on psychotic drugs, off their meds, or has ingested drugs. The theories surrounding this death are not based in fact. It’s a lot more exciting to think that she was “being chased” by something (some have suggested a ghost). The fact remains that video footage shows Ms. Lam alone in the hallway. If someone is chasing a person the human reaction is fight or flight. She does not appear to have been “chased” because she stuck around for several minutes. She walks in and out of the elevator several times and doesn’t appear to be in fear. She appears to be incoherent. I’ve seen many people in this state and, although it is sad, they aren’t in real danger. The person experiencing the psychotic break, (because of mental disorders and/or drug/alcohol consumption) often shifts between complete confusion and momentary minimal clarity but, since their senses aren’t working correctly, they can’t depend on their brains to work as they “normally” would. Her hand and arm motions, along with her actions, are exactly what you could expect to see in a person who is experiencing incoherence. Sometimes a person will become erratic and confused because of a stroke or other health emergency. The facts are that the door to the roof did not have an alarm, or was not activated/working at the time. The lid to the water tank was not/is not “200 pounds”, as widely “reported” on this story. The water tanks are pretty tall but there are ladders that access the entry at the top. The “lid” to the tanl is actually a small metal levered door and she would not have had to open it completely in order to slip inside. Once she was inside, it would have been highly difficult to pull herself out. What do we do when exiting a swimming pool? Unless there are steps or a ladder, we kick off the bottom (floor) of the pool while using our arms to lift our bodies up and out. How would a person get out of a pool (or water tank) if the water is too deep to reach with his/her foot, allowing him/her to push off the floor for leverage? Try it sometime (in a safe environment, only in a pool that has steps or a ladder and a shallow surface). If I go to the deep end of my pool, where the water is far above my head, I must depend completely on my upper body strength to climb out, and even then, in an environment like this one was, a water tank, a person would be forced to pull themselves up vertically, (like climbing out of a hole) before they can even use their elbows, upper arms and chest to pull themselves out. That is the situation Ms. Lam found herself in. If she climbed in the tank by slightly lifting the lid, then jumped into the water with the lid closing after her, then she would have had to reach the lid from inside the tank, without having anything to use as leverage, (nothing to stand on or push off against with her foot, and no way to reach the lid. She would not have been able to reach above their head, while in deep water, to lift the lid, assuming the water level was high enough for her to even touch the lid.
    There are innocent people who, sadly, are drugged, assaulted, and worse and our focus should be on advocating for those people. Ms. Lam’s accidental drowning is extremely sad…but it doesn’t help future victims to ignore facts and refuse to use logical, rational thinking in order to prevent people from meeting harm. Fortunately, the doors on the water tanks at this hotel have been locked. Perhaps if the owner/owners/manager had thought to apply locks previously, it may have prevented Ms. Lam’s death. The rooftop door should also have had a working alarm and there should have been an educated staff present in order to prevent this tragedy. Hopefully this event will educate people and help prevent untimely tragedies.

  • Marika Metz-Hall

    check out the work by David Paullides and his books…….missing 411

  • yashu babiarz

    And Bob Marley was murdered by the CIA……..open your eyes and do not take the mark !!!

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