The Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21,1960. Little did anyone know that 18 years later he would begin his terror of rape, murder, dismemberment, and eventually leading to cannibalism and necrophilia. He had 17 victims that were all men and boys within the period of 1978 and 1991.

jeffrey dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mug shot.

Dahmer’s killings began with luring men back to his mother’s and then his grandmother’s home where he would give them sleeping pills mixed in their drinks. He would then rape them while they were unconscious, strangle, and dismember them. After dismembering their bodies, he would keep their heads for a period of time as a trophy and get rid of the rest of their body.

As if those earlier killings were not bad enough, Dahmer eventually took it to another level. After he had moved into an apartment of his own, Dahmer had numerous victims. Among those victims was Ernest Miller. Dahmer met Ernest Miller on the street and offered him $50 to go back to his apartment with him. Miller agreed to let Dahmer listen to his stomach and heart. Dahmer then tried to perform oral sex on Miller. Miller told him it would cost him extra. Dahmer then gave Miller a drink that was laced with two sleeping pills. Dahmer typically added more than two sleeping pills to his victims drinks, but since he only had two, Dahmer used the two pills and slit Miller’s throat in order to kill him.

jeffrey dahmer

Jeffrey photographed his victims in several poses. Image credit: Capt James Ferrier (Ret.), Milwaukee Police Dept.

Dahmer took photos of Miller’s nude corpse in suggestive positions before he began to dismember him. He began the dismemberment by first decapitating him. While Dahmer worked on cutting up the rest of the body, he was talking to and repeatedly kissing the head. Dahmer kept parts of Miller’s legs, his biceps, and heart to eat later.

Jeffrey Dahmer took his killing ways to another level when he met Errol Lindsey. It started out like the others. Dahmer talked Lindsey into coming back to his apartment. Once he had Lindsey in his apartment, he drugged him. Rather than strangling him, Dahmer drilled a hole in Lindsey’s skull and poured muriatic acid in it. He did this with the hopes of putting him in a state that was permanently submissive and unresponsive. But this did not work. Lindsey awoke stating that he had a headache and wanting to know what time it was. Dahmer drugged Lindsey a second time, then strangled and dismembered his body. Dahmer kept Lindsey’s head and tried to keep some of his skin. He later had to get rid of the skin because it became too brittle.

Oliver Lacy was another victim that was convinced by Dahmer to come back to his apartment by telling Lacy that he would pay him to pose for nude photos. The two engaged in sexual activity then Dahmer drugged Lacy. Dahmer wanted to keep Lacy alive for a longer period of time, so he tried using chloroform to keep him unconscious. The chloroform did not work, so Dahmer strangled him. Before Dahmer dismembered Lacy, he had sex with the corpse.

Jeffrey Dahmer was finally caught on July 22, 1991. Dahmer met a group of three guys and asked if any of them would be interested in going back to his place to hang out and drink beer for $100. Tracy Edwards agreed to go with him. When Edwards entered Dahmer’s apartment, he quickly noticed the foul smell along with muriatic acid which Dahmer explained away. While the two sat and drank, Dahmer made mention of his tropical fish. When Edwards looked over at the fish, Dahmer put a handcuff on his wrist. Dahmer then attempted to handcuff Edward’s other wrist without success.

jeffrey dahmer

Tracy Edwards managed to escape and lead police to Dahmer’s home.

Dahmer led Edwards into the bedroom where Dahmer grabbed a knife and told him that he wanted to take nude photos of him. Edwards unbuttoned his shirt and said he would let him if he put the knife down and took the cuffs off. Dahmer then listened to Edwards heart and told Edwards that he planned on eating his heart. Edwards kept telling Dahmer that they were friends and he wasn’t going to try and run away. He then convinced Dahmer that the two of them should go and have a beer in the living room. When Edwards noticed Dahmer was not paying attention to the hand cuffs, he punched Dahmer and ran out the door.

He flagged down some police officers who followed him back to where Dahmer lived. The police officers eventually found a drawer that contained 74 polaroid pictures of human bodies, some within different stages of being dismembered. In a continued search, they found four severed heads; seven skulls; two human hearts and a part of an arm in the fridge; a human torso, bag of organs, and human flesh in the freezer; two entire skeletons; a pair of hands; two mummified penises; a mummified scalp; and three more torsos soaking in an acid solution.

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