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The Lubbock Lights were first seen on the night August 25, 1951 and were one of the first UFO sightings popularized by the national media.

The legend of the Great White Pyramid of China does not go back very far. In fact, the story appears to have originated less than a century ago.

While there were alleged UFO sightings and strange sounds in the area, the Hopkinsville Goblins appeared only at the Sutton farmhouse and only that night.

A person could be made wealthy in a matter of seconds if they were to find even one of the greatest lost treasures of all time. Check out what we feel are the ...

The Chicago Tylenol Murders set a precedent for safe packaging and response to malicious consumer tampering. However, it never led to justice.

The two giant Buddhas in Afghanistan were truly unmatched. However, according to at least one contemporary witness account, they were not alone.

To achieve immortality and live forever is something of an obsession for the human race.

The lovers planned to be together forever. Where they were buried is a mystery, but new clues may shed light on the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

The Donner Party story is one of struggle, family ties, survival and tragedy. Evidence for Donner Party cannibalism includes witnesses and a journal entry.

The story of the Burke and Hare Murder Dolls starts with a series of murders committed in Edinburgh, Scotland that occurred in the late 1820s.

The Bobby Dunbar mystery is almost more terrifying than a murder mystery. It is the story of a child lost and another likely taken from his mother.

Who was Apollonius of Tyana? His similarities to Jesus Christ is undeniable. They both are said to have ascended to Heaven and performed miracles.

Circumstances, rivalries and suspicions set the backdrop for the murder of Tupac Shakur. Here is what we know of the unsolved murder of this rap singer.

Silbury Hill is a man-made hill in Wiltshire County, England. It is part of a landscape that boasts the Roman Road, Stonehenge and other feats of man.

Mu and Lemuria are so-called "lost continents." Both were postulated in the 19th century and continue to have some believers to this day.

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