Death of Philip Taylor Kramer

Philip Kramer

Philip Kramer

Philip Taylor Kramer (July 12, 1952 – February 12, 1995) started his career in rock music as the bass player to the reformed psychedelic group, Iron Butterfly.  Although Iron Butterfly’s most popular hit, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, was made before his joining, Philip Taylor Kramer recorded two albums with Iron Buttery in the mid seventies, Scorching Beauty and Sun and Steel.  After lackluster sales, Kramer left the group in 1977 and concentrated on furthering his education.

Kramer completed his aerospace engineering degree and his genius was reflected in his straight “A’s” in school.  His first career following school was with Northrup working on the MX missile guidance system as a Department of Defense contractor.  He eventually moved into the computer industry, working on facial recognition and communications programs.  Immediately prior to his disappearance in 1995, he reportedly developed a mathematical formula for transmissions at a “faster than light” speed.  This formula was an ongoing effort by his family to discredit Albert Einstein’s theories.

On 12 February 1995, Kramer drove to the Los Angeles airport to pick up a business colleague who never showed up.  After waiting almost an hour for this colleague, Kramer drove away and commenced to make some unusual phone calls.  He called his wife and long time friend (and Iron Butterfly drummer) Ron Bushy, stating “I’ll see you on the other side”.  He then called the police where he stated, “I’m going to kill myself.”  Philip Taylor Kramer never returned home that day and his disappearance lasted for over 4 years.

On 29 May 1999, hikers discovered a wrecked 1993 Ford Aerostar at the bottom of a Malibu, CA ravine.  Skeletal remains in the vehicle were later identified through dental records as that of Philip Taylor Kramer.  Despite law enforcement ruling this as a probable suicide, family and friends of Philip Taylor Kramer discount this theory.  Kramer’s spouse stated he husband “would never, for any reason or under any circumstances, allow himself to completely abandon the family he loves more than life itself.”

If Philip Taylor Kramer did in fact commit suicide, he successfully withheld these thoughts from his friends and family.  So the question remains.  Did Philip Taylor Kramer kill himself or was he silenced for his monumental discovery that would have discredited the life work of many influential people?

Jim H

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  • Perry West

    It’s just ridiculous that you chose to post a small, irrelevant blurb about the missed encounter at the airport. If you’re going to anonymously lie about a great man who mysteriously vanished leaving behind a loving family, you could at least try to muster the intelligence to fabricate something more interesting. People like you who jump on topics like this with no valid information or worthwhile discussion should just stick to watching MTV and smelling your own farts. I’ve been looking up this story since October of 1999 when I first heard about it, and it’s so sad that there’s so little offered in terms of information, or even photos, about someone who strived to create a better existence for all of humanity because of the love he felt for his family.

    As of yet, the most well-collected article on this topic that I’ve come across remains the Maxim Magazine article from the October 1999 issue. Well written, great photographs.

    • Jim

      Thanks for your comment, Perry. I’m just not sure if its directed to me or to Mr. Martini :)

      • Perry West

        It was directed at Mr. Martini, sorry about the confusion.

  • Greg Martini

    This story is inaccurate!!! I was the person Taylor was scheduled to meet at the airport, and I did arrive, with my wife, but Taylor never showed up! I know the full story and this is not correct.

    • Jim

      If that is true we would love to hear your story.