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Carl Tanzler was a doctor who was obsessively in love with one of his patients. Shockingly, his love took an unnatural turn after she died.

Camels and their relatives originated in America about 50 million years ago. How did the American Camelops spread across the world and what happened to it?

Responsible for millions of deaths, Queen Ranavalona I is unrivaled as a cruel and murderous ruler of Madagascar in the 1800s.

Archaeologists have found millions of ancient Egyptian animal mummies of all different types of creatures. What were the purposes of those animal mummies?

The Copper Scroll lists 63 of the locations containing silver and gold, and experts estimate these treasures, if found, could be worth over $1,000,000,000.

Thousands attempted to locate this city of gold throughout Latin America. Where does the legend of El Dorado come from, and what have searches uncovered?

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